How Airius Fans Provide Cooling Airflow & Why Every Australasian Building Should Circulate Air or Destratify.

How Airius Air Cooling Fans work is through the use of our world leading and patented columnar laminar flow and venturi vent technology, which provides large amounts of air movement using very low amounts of energy for cooling your space in summer. Great for non-conditioned sports halls, offices, warehouses, gymnasiums or schools etc.

Also, the use of air cooling fans in all building types will save large amounts of energy when used in conjunction with an air conditioning system.

It is important to also note when using air conditioning for cooling or heating a building, the air conditioning systems must constantly over deliver to satisfy the thermostat that sits between the cool air on the floor and the hot air under the ceiling. That results in large amounts of wasted energy.

In the Australasian climate the movement of air is the largest user of energy in any air conditioning system.

Airius Air Cooling Fans move cool air gently (or strongly as required) and effectively around the space in summer, satisfying the thermostat much quicker and therefore turning the compressor off for longer, or, in non-air-conditioned spaces, will provide strong air movement for summer cooling.

In air-conditioned spaces, the cold air on the floor is bought up to where it is needed, and the hot air is not allowed to build up in the zone under the ceiling where the return air grilles are located, significantly reducing the return air temperature.

A great example of this is in a large, big box retail store in Robina, QLD, where the return air temperature back to the chiller was reduced by 4-5 Deg. C. This reduced the cooling loads and saved 30% of their air conditioning energy consumption, while optimising comfort.

These types of energy savings have been independent modelled too and that computerised modelling in the Australian climate indicates savings of 10-30% are achievable on-air conditioning cooling energy without changing the thermostat etc.

In addition, the use of the fans improves thermal comfort.  That is validated by large amounts of empirical research and evidence. (See Airius Blogs)

If you also increase the thermostat set point in summer, (for example from say 22.5 -26 Deg. C.) you can obtain even further energy savings and comfort is not affected as you are using the cooling effect of the circulated air to substitute for the supply of some conditioned air. – see below.

How Airius Cooling Fans work?

Airius Air Cooling Fans Smoke Test

The use of air movement has been utilised for thousands of years to provide cooling in all sorts of climates, from tropical to dry and arid. The movement of air across the skin, (even when there is a very warm air temperature), evaporates the moisture from the skin, resulting in a rapid and significant temperature drop on the skin, making the body feel significantly cooler almost immediately.

The ASHRAE thermal comfort standard for naturally ventilated buildings, 55-2017 and CBE Thermal comfort calculator, both detail the cooling efficacy of air movement across a range of climates and warm temperatures. There are numerous Airius blogs on our web site that also detail these thermal comfort improvements.

The latest heat wave research from the University of Sydney by Professor Ollie Jay, indicates that the use of cooling fans is lifesaving and the only option available, especially in outdoor areas such as sports stadiums and bus stops, shopping areas etc, and anywhere where people congregate and there is no air conditioning, even when air temperatures approach 52 Deg. C!

Airius air cooling fans are used extensively in a range of warm and hot climates to provide cooling air flow. Installations are found in a range of buildings range from Sydney right up to Cairns in Northern Queensland, and across to Darwin and Broome to Fiji, Vietnam. Philippines and Indonesia.

Sports halls, warehouses, school classrooms, lecture halls and theatres, bowling alleys, gymnasiums and climbing gyms, supermarkets and outdoor sports stadiums have all benefited from the use of Airius cooling fans to optimise user comfort for a very low initial and operating cost.

The use of Airius air cooling fans can be implemented at around 5-10% of the cost of air conditioning and comparative running costs reductions are similar.

(See testimonials from around the world and Australian research on cooling and heating undertaken by Dr Vahid Vakiloroaya in our technical section.)

Airius Air Cooling Fans Airflow Circulation

In summer cooling mode, when using our Airius Air Pear fans in the hot Australasian climate, the air conditioning system’s compressor is continually being switched off as the Air Pear fans circulate the heavy dense cold air a lot quicker and much more efficiently than an Air Handling Unit and assorted duct fans. Often these air conditioning system fans are located many, many metres away from the space and the fans are trying to push the air through the ducts and then circulate the cool air around the space.

Further, and very significant energy savings can be achieved by substituting air movement using Airius fans for chilled air and increasing the A/C thermostat in summer from 22.5 to say 26 Deg. C. but with a similar level of thermal comfort. Energy savings of 8-10% per Degree C can be easily achieved in summer using this approach.

Additionally, the return air temperature is now cooler as there is no heat at the return air intake so less cooling energy is required as the air goes back through the system. As noted above, that can result in a 4-5 Deg. C. air temperature drop going back to the chiller. So, the air conditioning system has to only chill air from, for example, 23 Deg. C down to 12 Deg. C.  as opposed to chilling air from 28 or 30 Deg. C back to 12 Deg. C. The energy savings are obvious and significant.

One of the other great benefits of using Airius air cooling fans, due to their unique ability to move air both vertically and horizontally over long distance, in a targeted manner, with non-turbulent laminar air flow, is the ability to replace air conditioning duct work and use the fans to mix and distribute the air.

This is an effective initiative currently being applied in a range of buildings around Australia (Virgin Active Gyms, 99 Bikes, Perth, and numerous other facilities – contact Airius for details.)

Significant cost and energy savings can be achieved using this engineered solution. As Airius are an engineering company, they can provide all the information required to ensure a successful outcome using this type of cost, optimised architecture and energy savings strategy.

Architectural benefits are also vast and significant, so the benefits of the use of Airius air cooling fans are found in both design and operational outcomes.

This is why you need a simple solution – Airius air cooling fans!

Airius fan units have motors that use as little as 10 watts and the largest fans, with a very large thrust of 21.38 Newtons, use only 400 watts single phase at full speed.

The unique patented Airius delivery system enables the Airius air cooling fans to move large amounts of air in one direction with laminar non turbulent air flow. This allows the user to also direct the air to where they want if required.

Airius cooling fans vastly improve the internal environment, ensuring a high level of productivity from your workforce and optimum comfort levels for your customers, so they result in staff becoming more comfortable and therefore more productive, and in retail applications, customers stay longer and, if relevant, spend more. Another major benefit achieved from the unique Airius cooling fans.

Another great benefit is condensation on surfaces will also be reduced significantly and often completely removed due to the gentle air movement and resultant change in Dew Point temperature created by the use of Airius air cooling fans.

This added benefit has been achieved by some sporting facilities and indoor pools in Australia and warehouse floors in the USA.

Benefits of Airius Air Cooling Fans include:

  • Arguably one of the simplest and easiest methodologies to save energy in buildings.
  • Improved internal environment has been proven to improve workplace productivity and increase sales in supermarkets etc. as customers stay longer and spend more.
  • Strong cooling summer air movement in a range of non air-conditioned facilities offers numerous low cost benefits to the building owner and user.
  • Between 6-30% reduction of cooling costs in HVAC Systems -see our Melbourne retail trial results and independent modelling research on our Technical Page.
  • Between 20% – 35% reduction of carbon emissions from the reduced use of cooling Air conditioning systems.
  • Affordable ‘plug and go’ system.
  • Extremely low energy use
  • No large exposed rotating blades causing light strobing or lighting redesign issues.
  • Simple to install.
  • No three phase power requirements.
  • No structural impacts.
  • No maintenance contracts.
  • Increased lamp life due to reduced heat at lamp level.
  • Minimal maintenance and running cost (from $AUD 19 per year!)
  • Rapid ROI – average 12-24 months.
  • No HVAC ducting required.
  • Less fogging on cooler and freezer doors.
  • Condensation on indoor pool surfaces and sports hall floors is removed.
  • Reduction in relative humidity.
  • Lightweight units -the largest weighs around 28 Kgs.
  • Works alongside all types of HVAC systems.
  • Reduced wear and tear on existing HVAC equipment.
  • Massive warranty and low-cost half price refurbishment programme

If you would like further information on how Airius works and could benefit your space or building please do feel free to contact us.