Eliminate up to 99%+ of all known viruses and circulate fresh, odour free air.

Neutralise up to 99%+ of all known viruses (including COVID19) and circulate fresh, odour free air

Fight mould, bacteria, viruses, VOCs and odours with the Airius PureAir Series, featuring the latest in purifying PHI and NPBI technology.

The fans circulate the same charged ion and hydro-peroxide cleaning agents that Mother Natures uses to clean our air. These are actively dispersed throughout the spaces, neutralising more than 99 percent of micro-organisms. This widely proven technology can reduce sick building syndrome, significantly reduce gases/VOC’s/odours and maintain healthy environments.

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The Airius PureAir Series of Air & Surface Purification Systems incorporates the latest in PHI (Photohydroionisation) and NPBI (Needlepoint BiPolar Ionisation) sterilisation technology.

Airius PureAir Air Purification System Shield
The Airius range of PureAir Active Air & Surface Purification Systems


‘Active’ cleaning uses systems that circulate purifying agents in and around the environment cleaning the whole space at the same time, whereas ‘Passive’ cleaning requires air to go through a filter to be cleaned.
Listed benefits of Airius PureAir Air Purification Fans

The Airius PureAir air and surface purification and infection control system significantly improves indoor air quality (IAQ) reducing viruses, bacteria, gases, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), mould and odours by up to 99%+ whilst its advanced atmosphere oxidisation technology gives indoor environments fresh, clean and odour free air.


The Laboratories, Universities and Organisations above are but a few of the certifying bodies to have tested PHI or NPBI Air Purification Technology.


Clean Air, Remove Odours and Save Money with the Airius PureAir System

Clean all the air and surfaces in your home or business at the same time without the need for air to pass through a filter. By circulating the PureAir’s active hydro-peroxide and charged ion cleaning agents into spaces harmful viruses, pathogens and contaminants are destroyed and rendered inert and safe providing continuous 24/7 protection. Even if new contaminants enter the space the active cleaning agents immediately attack and eliminate them, even if they are transferred to surfaces. With a filter based system it may take hours to process all the air in a room, especially if new contaminants are brought in.  They also provide no protection against cross contamination.

Passive Air Purification

Diagram showing limited airflow circulation of passive filter based air purification systems

Passive air purification systems require air to pass through a filter in order to be cleaned. This means it can take a very long time to treat all the air in a room or space, which may not even be achievable in poorly circulated areas.

Active Air Purification

Diagram showing complete airflow circulation and coverage from active based air purification systems

The PureAir Active air purification system does not require air to pass through the unit, but instead sends purifying agents out into the space via the fan, not only cleaning the air, but all surfaces they come into contact with as well, all at the same time.


PureAir PHI Series

Cross section showing how the Airius PureAir PHI Air Purification Fan works

The Airius PureAir PHI Series incorporates a patented PHI (Photohydroionisation) Cell within the fan unit. The PHI Cell emits ‘Ionised Hydroperoxides’, a naturally occurring cleaning agent, which are circulated throughout spaces via the fan.

As the fans circulate internal atmosphere, the PHI circulates its neutralising Ionised Hydroperoxides, providing 24/7 continuous Air Purification.

PureAir NPBI Series

Close up showing the integrated NPBI emitters in the Airius PureAir NPBI Fan

The Airius PureAir+ NPBI Series incorporates a patented and self cleaning NeedlePoint BiPolar Ion emitter within the fan unit. The NPBI emitter emits ‘Positive and Negative’ Ions, a naturally occurring cleaning agent, which are circulated throughout spaces via the fan.

As the fans circulate internal atmosphere, the PureAir+ NPBI circulates its neutralising BiPolar Ions, providing 24/7 continuous Air Purification.


Airius PureAir NPBI Innovative Bioanalysis Case Study

Innovative Bioanalysis

Innovative Bioanalysis is a CAP, CLIA, and AABB-certified reference laboratory providing laboratory services to the healthcare and clinical research industries.

Using Global Plasma Solutions NPBITM technology to mitigate contaminants a study was designed to test the effectiveness on reducing SARS-CoV-2. Based on viral titrations, it was determined that at 10 minutes, 84.2% of the virus was inactivated, at 15 minutes, 92.6% of the virus was inactivated and at 30 minutes, 99.4% of the virus was inactivated.

Airius PureAir PHI Tandara Lodge Care Case Study

Tandara Lodge Care

Tandara Lodge operates a 46 bed (high and low care) Residential Aged Care Facility for permanent, respite and palliative residents. Managers were keen to find ways to reduce the annual occurrence of influenza outbreaks and protect their residents from seasonal diseases and contacted Airius.

Since installation of the PureAir System in their facilities they have had 0 notifiable outbreaks in 5 years since implementation and saved £1,000’s on outbreak containment and clean-up.

Airius PureAir NPBI Valencia College Case Study

Valencia College

Valencia College has become an innovative leader in higher education, specialising in the Science and Arts and recipients of the prestigious Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence in 2011-2012.

Following installation of the GPS NPBITM system the Valencia College were able to reduce outside air intake for ventilation by 9,300 CFM and saved $180,000 in chiller costs, in addition to avoiding expensive renovation costs. They were also awarded 3 Green Globe certifications by the Green Building Initiative.

Airius PureAir PHI Harewood Dentist Surgery Case Study

Harewood Dental Practice

In response to the COVID19 Pandemic Harewood Dental Surgery needed to find a solution to help provide protection and reassurance for their staff and patients against the threat of infection from Coronavirus and other harmful pathogens.

The units were simple to install over the course of 1 day and now provide the client with safe, clean air, eliminating up to 99.99% of all harmful Viruses, Germs & Bacteria.


“Ensuring that the Consulate was a safe environment for staff and occupants has been at the top of our agenda during the global pandemic, but this was made even more critical when we were informed that a recent visitor had tested positive for COVID-19.

In response to this and to provide the highest level of protection to our occupants we selected the Airius PureAir system, because it cleans both the air and surfaces at the same time. It was also simple and quick to install.

It has now been over 2 weeks and we are extremely happy to report that we have not had any confirmed COVID-19 positive tests. It is without doubt that this is due to the air and surface disinfection and purification from the Airius PureAir system.

I highly recommend the Airius PureAir 24/7 active disinfection system as a way to protect your staff and visitors.”

Tsvetelin Rumenov - General ConsulBULGARIAN EMBASSY (Barcelona)

“We have installed a number of these fans over the last couple of months and intend to continue to do so.

We have installed these in workshops and clinics and have found the air to be fresher, more comfortable and all odours and smells have been eradicated. It has created an area of confidence among staff and patients that they are being protected.

We have also noticed we have reduced our heating settings with the benefit of savings on energy costs.

The resident facility management company who look after the Beacon Mall have also committed to rolling these units out in September. ”

Sean Penston - Director of facilitiesBEACON HOSPITAL

“In order to increase the safety and comfort of our guests, the Hotel Porta do Sol Conference Center & SPA selected Airius PureAir technology for installation in our Candle SPA in the summer of 2020.

Highly recommended by several international institutions, the technology has allowed the reinforcement of protection measures and raised the level of confidence and well-being felt by our guests.”

Dr. Gonçalo Nunes - Director GeneralHOTEL PORTA DO SOL

“We commissioned an independent engineer to evaluate air quality in the office, who verified the purification effectiveness of the PureAir system as close to 100%.”


“We are very pleased to have turned to Airius PureAir when choosing a solution for healthy and safe air. We are extremely satisfied with its results and are considering placing fans in other rooms, such as a shared kitchen where it could also help us extend the shelf life of some foods.

It's great that we can provide our members and newcomers with a clean environment in which to focus exclusively on prayer, preaching, teaching and building personal relationships without worrying about their health.”

Roman Starzyk - Slovo Života choirTHE CHURCH OF THE WORD OF LIFE
Airius PureAir Air Purification Fan Controllers


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