Museums & Galleries

From small local galleries to large museum cooling systems, Airius has a fan solution for you. Working alongside your HVAC system day and night, Airius quietly provides gentle air movement to reduce the cooling load during the summer and recirculate warm air to the floor during the winter. Increased comfort for patrons and employees alike and the owner enjoys lower HVAC energy costs.

Increase comfort for visitors and staff
Save energy – up to 30% off cooling and heating bills
Improve your HVAC efficiency
Quiet models for sound-sensitive installations
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Air Pear installed at National Museum of Flight

Function, meet Form.

For architecturally sensitive spaces, check out our Designer Series fans that can be colour matched to your choosing, ideal for museum cooling. For dropped ceiling lobbies check out our Air Pear Suspended Ceiling fans.  For ceilings up to  17 metres high for air mixing or winter heating, consider the Q Series, our quietest model at that height.

Because each facility is unique, please contact Airius or your local representative to specify your system. Various applications require different models based on considerations other than maximum throw. Air Speed, activity level, objects, noise, and other factors may affect model selection and placement.

Airius Q Series Fan

 Benefits to Museums and Galleries

  • Up to 35% reduction of heating costs
  • Up to 30% reduction of cooling costs
  • Equalised temperatures throughout the space -not hot or cold spots
  • Increased comfort for employees and patrons
  • No lighting strobing issues
  • Maximises the efficiency of all types of HVAC systems
  • Simple installation
  • Utilises process heat, lighting and solar gain
  • Reduced run time on existing HVAC equipment
  • Reduced internal condensation and wet floors
  • Reduced ceiling temperatures increasing lighting lifespan
  • PHI units help mitigate odours, mould, viruses, bacteria and VOCs

Similar Applications

  • Zoos
  • Research Centers
  • Cultural Centers
  • Art Installations
  • Amusement Parks
  • Artist/Design Studios
What They’re Saying

“When first viewing the units in boxes on the floor my initial impression was doubtful that these air transfer units would work. This was due to not understanding the way they operated. Once they were installed, hooked to power, the switch was flicked and their function was explained to me, I still had doubts due to the size and appearance of the Airius Air Pear units. I still could not grasp how the building could benefit from just four units when this was the coldest time of year.

They were switched on that afternoon and the following morning the building was heated to a consistent temperature with the heated areas being evenly controlled. The experience of temperature variation within the building experienced by staff and visitors over the last eight years had changed completely. Basically overnight the Australian Axeman’s Hall of Fame’s atmosphere had altered.

The cost savings are overwhelming as all other heating has been largely reduced and the next bill should indicate a large reduction in power usage cost. The heating benefits alone make the cost of the units feasible. We previously needed five units to heat the building and this was not effective but with the efficiency of the Airius Air Pears we now only require two. Many of the regular patrons of the Australian Axeman’s Hall of Fame have commented that the building is now much more comfortable to visit. Many people used to comment that parts of the building were cold and complained of cold hands and feet. As a large percentage of our customers are elderly they really appreciate the warmer environment, visit more often and stay longer.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Airius Air Pear units to anyone hoping to maintain a more controlled and even heat in a large building. Based on the initial results I would happy to show and explain the Airius Air Pears operation to any potential customers.”

Peter Maloney – Facilities ManagerAXEMANS HALL OF FAME

“The [Air Pear] units allowed previously struggling space heaters to keep visitors comfortable in the museum’s 120 year old, uninsulated, Great Engine Hall.”

Dennis DewittVice Chairman, Metropolitan Waterworks Museum