Warranty FAQs

What is the Warranty?

In Australia and Oceania, we offer a full 5 year replacement Warranty. Airius also offers an ongoing refurbishment program outside of the warranty period. For more details, review the Warranty card in Technical Downloads.

What happens if an Airius unit fails?

It’s inevitable – machines with moving parts will eventually fail. Airius offers a full warranty for five full years from date of shipment on parts and workmanship. If a unit fails for any reason while under this five year period, you are asked to return the unit which will be replaced with a new unit at no charge, freight prepaid.

If you have a failure beyond the Warranty period, Airius offers a refurbishment program to keep users up and running after our warranty expires. If you have a failure, give us a call to discuss options such as motor replacement or a discount on a new system.

Energy Savings FAQs

When do the savings start?

For cooling, if you adjust the thermostat upwards and substitute air movement for air conditioned air (while achieving the  same level of comfort) savings will ba almost immediate. For heating, the temperature in your building will be equalized within 48 hours or less following installation. As a result of the equalized temperature you will be able to reduce the setting on your thermostat, thereby reducing your costs immediately.

What are the running costs?

This depends on the building layout and model selected. Contact Sales at +61 (0) 401 848 888  and we’ll calculate your annual running costs. However, the running costs are very, very low.

I use air conditioning. Can the Air Pear still help reduce my energy costs?

Yes! In many cases the Air Pear can aid cooling and will reduce your energy costs. There is a range of opportunities  available. We can arrange for a survey to confirm your particular position. Give us a call to find out more on +61 (0)401 848 888 or email us via the contact button on this website.

What makes Airius fans so effective at destratification?

After years of R&D, Airius has found several key factors in delivering air over long distances. Our patented technology removes the rotational component from the air that is induced by the axial fan. This “untwisting” of the air mitigates dispersal as the organized column reaches floor level. The column then entrains a portion of the surrounding dead pool of air and sets in motion a torus shaped circulation pattern. After several hours of operation a 0 º to 1.5º C differential is easily achieved. The HVAC system will cycle less frequently, with less intensity  in summer; in winter, warm air is now on the floor where you need it, heat loss through the roof is minimised and this all leads to an energy saving up to 35% over both summer and winter operation.

Will the fans contribute to a LEED or GBCA/NZ rating for my building?

Energy and Atmosphere

  • Prerequisite 2 – Minimum Energy Performance (Required) and
  • Credit 1 – Optimize Energy Performance (1-19 points)

How does the Air Pear help?

The Air Pear provides a cooling effect, through increased air speed, that allows thermostat setpoints to be raised in air conditioned spaces. The thermostat setpoint can be raised by approximately 3-5 ˚ C without sacrificing occupant comfort. The increased setpoint can result in a 30-50% reduction in AC equipment energy consumption.

For buildings with higher floor-to-ceiling heights (3+ mts), The Air Pear can be used to destratify the heat trapped at the ceiling, resulting in significant heating energy savings.

  • Credit 4 – Enhanced Refrigerant Management (2 points)

How does The Air Pear help?

The Air Pear provides a cooling effect, through increased air speed, without using any refrigerants. For less severe climates, this cooling effect can minimize or even eliminate the use of refrigerant based thermal systems.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Prerequisite 1 – Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance (Required) and
  • Credit 2 – Increased Ventilation (1 point)

How does The Air Pear help?

The Air Pear can be used to increase the effectiveness of the air distribution system, which can reduce the amount of outdoor air required for the building.

  • Credit 7.1 – Thermal Comfort—Design (1 point)

How does The Air Pear help?

The Air Pear can be used to increase occupant comfort by providing a cooling effect through increased air speed, destratifying the space, minimizing cold and hot spots, and providing an additional means of occupant control.

Innovation in Design

  • Credit 1 – Innovation in Design (1-5 points)

How does the Air Pear help?

The Air Pear can be used as a part of a materials minimization strategy that reduces ductwork, installed air conditioning capacity, and overall material usage in the building.

It is important to note that Air Pear Fans can be utilized to assist projects with meeting the requirements of the prerequisites and earning points in the credits listed above. As a general rule, no single product can earn a point or meet the requirements of a prerequisite; the product is generally part of a system or overall strategy that earns the points or meets the requirements of the prerequisite.

Fan Selection FAQs

Why do the fans come in various sizes and which model(s) do I need?

As a general rule of thumb, Airius model numbers are somewhat indicative of mounting height in imperial measurments. For Destratification, a Model 25 is designed to be mounted at 25 feet (8 metres) while a Model 60 is mounted at 60 feet (18 metres). The various motors have been selected to draw the minimum amount of power to achieve thermal equalization. If using the system in an unconditioned environment or for cooling purposes you may require a larger model or locating them closer together. Airius provides free consultation on model selection and layout, so give us a call today!

What if I have split level layout?

The Air Pear can equalize the internal temperature of virtually every type of internal building layout and configuration.

Can I use Airius fans to eliminate duct work?

Customers have eliminated branch duct work and replaced them with an Airius fan system for air distribution. Great for supermarkets, heritage buildings, classrooms etc. To find out how this saved them a tremendous amount of money, please contact us today.

What are the benefits of an Airius unit over a large bladed HVLS fan?

Airius units offer a valuable  alternative in both air movement for cooling and destratification for  heating energy savings over a large bladed HVLS fan.

Airius units dont :-

  1. Require three Phase Power
  2. Require structural changes to support the units
  3. Impinge on lighting design
  4. Require ongoing expensive maintenance  contracts
  5. Need guy ropes
  6. Have large exposed blades
  7. Arent affected by side winds
  8. Need specialist installers
  9. Impact on flooring types for gymnastics
  10. Have height install  restrictions
  11. Impact on overhead cranes in factories
  12. Get affected by impacts from sporting equipment

These and many other advantages, coupled with the proven Airius Summer and winter air flow performance capabilities, make Airius units worth a look.

Contact us today to find out how we can cool your building in summer by air movement or save heating energy in winter via destratification.

Can Airius Products Provide Summer Cooling?

One of the great selling features for Airius is their summer cooling ability. Across  Oceania we provide cooling via strong, adjustable air movement at floor level to warehouses, sports facilities, offices, classrooms, manufacturing plants, gymnasiums, exhibition halls etc.

We can move large volumes of air around and across your facility and its inhabitants.This can offer a significant cooling effect of up to 7 Degrees C in hot and humid or hot and dry environments without the use of Air Conditioning.

Simple, proven and effective.  See our blogs or testimonials and case studies for the science behind this capability. This is a huge market  for us here in Oceania including Fiji and many parts of Australia.

We achieve the same as any large fan (without the grief) using different technology.

Manufacturing FAQs

Where is the Air Pear manufactured?

All moulding and assembly productions are located  in the USA! More specifically, in our 15,000 sq. metres of facilities located in Longmont, Colorado. The parent company, Avedon Engineering, has over 50 years of experience in custom manufacturing in moulding, plastics and metal and is fully capable of in-house design, tooling and production. This guarantees a well designed, high quality, functional product for a reasonable price.

Are the fans and components tested and certified?

All Airius components and assembly as a whole are tested and approved for the US and Canada by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (ETL, UL, etc…). Airius fans conform to UL 507 for Safety Electric Fans, CAN/CSA C22.2#60335-1, 5VA flame resistance rating, RoHS compliant and carry the CE mark for European compliance.

How noisy are the Airius fans?

Airius fans offer a very quiet methodology of moving air.

All our units are independently tested for acoustic performance and we can send you relevant acoustic information. Just contact us.

Certainly some fans are quieter than others and once we know your application, we recommend the appropriate fan.

For example, the Airius Model 10,15,25 Air Pears all comply with the Australian Standard for noise in libraries. At full speed! Is that quiet enough for you?And we dont usually run our units at full speed.

Are Airius Units easy to install?

Yes! Very easy. Any licenced electrician can install an Airius unit.Its a similar  process as installing a high bay light. The largest expense is usually the the access.

Can Airius Install the Units for Me?

  • Yes, if required Airius can arrange an installation quote using one of our nominated electrical teams. However, it is usually more cost effective if the customer arranges the installation with their usual electrician.

Do Airius Units Need Commissioning?

  • No, specific commissioning is not required, reducing your costs.

Do Airius Units Require a Maintenance Programme?

  • No, Airius units are a simple well engineered product and dont require a maintenance programe.

Are the Airius Units Strong?

  • The Airius Air Pears are very strong and well manufactured. They can take regular direct impact from cricket or basketballs with no negative effect. We have videos to show their resilience on our web site. Click ‘More Videos’ on our landing page to see our destruction test video.

Will You Help with Design or Selection Advice ?

  • Absolutely. One of our trained specialists will be able to help you all the way through your design, purchasing, installation and operational processes as required.