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Patented airflow technology offering unparalleled COOLING and HEATING benefits, along with significant savings on energy costs, HVAC costs and optional air purification add-ons.

Airius fans move large amounts of air, over long distances, vertically or horizontally, using very low amounts of energy.




Keep your environments safe and operational with our PureAir ACTIVE air purification fans, shown to eliminate 99% of surface and 97% of airborne bacteria and viruses.


An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but Airius air cooling fans with PHI and NPBITM air purification technology can keep you safer from viruses, bacteria and mould illnesses. FIND OUT MORE »

The most powerful commercial fan you'll find

Cooling and air circulation fan systems are not all equal. Sometimes you just have to see it to believe it. For example, this smoke test shows comparative fan effectiveness under the same conditions.

See how quickly and powerfully the Airius Air Pear cooling fan moves the smoke around the area. This certainly shows the cooling and air flow potential that can be achieved. Want to know how we can help cool your workplace?


Reinventing fans for today's needs

Fan Features and Benefits Airius Fans HVLS Fans
No exposed blades
Unobtrusive modular units
Single Phase Power
No structural issues
No strobing or moving of lighting
No yearly maintenance contract

The Patented Airius Airflow Venturi Stator straightens turbulent air from the internal fan blades which increases throw and velocity. In a vertically mounted installation scenario, the Air Pear systems create a “Floor Jet”.

When multiple Air Pear air circulation fan systems are used in a space these jets collide and interact with each other. As a result, this creates air movement throughout the entire floor space like no other.

Through many decades of air movement engineering Airius has completely reinvented the air cooling fan. We invite you to find a fan that is more energy efficient, unobtrusive and versatile as the world leading Airius range.

Airius cooling fans are simple to install and much cheaper to run. They also require no ongoing maintenance and come with a rock solid 5+5 year warranty.

Engineered air flow for low-cost cooling or heat distribution

Airius systems create a “Floor Jet” effect by efficiently pushing air to the floor.

In a case where there are multiple units, the combination of multiple jets collide with each. As a result this creates a steady and pleasant internal breeze which helps cool any size internal space.

Sleek, unobtrusive fans that complement every space.

Take a look at the commercial fan that BLOWS AWAY other competing large ceiling fans.

It’s innovative RE-INVENTION at its best.


Retail, Stadium, School and Warehouse Cooling Systems are all different. We know getting it right is important to achieve the right balance of cool airflow. With one of the industry’s largest range of commercial and industrial ceiling fans Airius have created a solution for every application.
Therefore we would like to offer you a FREE NO OBLIGATION Design Consultation, matching a solution to your needs and budget. Save your time trying to figure out what you need and book your consultation today.
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The Airius Money Back Guarantee

The Airius Guarantee

Airius are so confident with the performance of our air circulation and destratification fan products, we offer our customers a full 90-day Money Back Guarantee – no questions asked.

If you are not happy with the units for any reason, we will refund your purchase price. Subject to a 15% restocking fee, T&C apply.

This is an offer un-matched by any other fan manufacturer and provides our customers with the all-important reassurance needed to make important decisions regarding investment.

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