Aged Care Facility Eliminates Illness Outbreaks for 5 years Running

Stop an Influenza Outbreak

With 2019 proving to be an Influenza nightmare, some Aged Care facilities are proving that taking action early is the key to success. Tandara Lodge Community Care, in Tasmania, has not had a “notifiable outbreak” in 5 years, a significant achievement in the Aged Care Industry.  Their secret? Five years ago they installed a new Fan range from Airius, called…

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Airius supplies YMCA and PCYC with Airius Air Pears for Summer Cooling

Airius are now supplying  their unique patented Air Pears to a  broad range  of  sports hall providers to provide summer  cooling via evaporative air movement without the  typical constraints   of large HVLS fans. These include the  renowned sporting facilities PCYC, YMCA, Armadale Arena; Perth, numerous schools around Australia, Sutherland Netball Association, Rockhampton Council…etc. etc. In sports halls up to…

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Airius Air Pears and Cooling

  Airius Air Pears and Cooling in Sports Halls – Barriers to a Sale Put Forward by a Mechanical Engineer. Airius Oceania recently had an engineer respond to their cooling proposal for an Australian  client with these comments, in red italics below. The client was very keen to purchase our units but the engineer’s comments dissuaded the client and they…

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