The Airius cooling air circulation and thermal destratification fans are applicable to most types of buildings and applications inside those buildings.

Whether conditioned or non conditioned spaces, our patented fans will reduce energy use in the facility by significant amounts (10-35% of cooling and heating costs) and measurably improve user thermal comfort. Our Airius ‘Air Pears’ will circulate air for cooling or destratify spaces in buildings with ceiling heights from 2.5 -31 metres .

New models currently in final design stage will destratify spaces up to 40 metres high and bespoke units can be made to service spaces 100 metres high. All this is undertaken using incredibly small amounts of energy. Our smallest motors use around 12 watts of power to move air in a columnar, non turbulent laminar flow for 3 metres! Servicing areas of around 46 sq metres these units are unmatched in performance.

As the space becomes larger then the fans become larger as well. Our model 100 uses around 330 watts and can cool zones up to 18 metres high and destratify spaces of up to 31 metres in height and around 350 sq metres in area per unit.

Remember also our units can be used to move air from one area to another in any direction. Evacuate hot air out of kitchens; out of the backs of trucks, from one conditioned space to a non conditioned space etc. Perfect for heritage buildings or reducing the need for ductwork in your project.