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Airius Technical Data: Airius Fans are energy efficient air turbines, engineered to continuously move a column of air to the floor. It is the specific patented design, in-house engineering and manufacturing that makes their air movement capability far superior to any other type of fan. A typical Airius installation includes a series of units mounted just below the ceiling, evenly spaced throughout a facility, working in concert to improve comfort and reduce HVAC energy consumption.

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We offer a variety of motor types (shaded pole, electrically commutated, permanent split capacitor, and more), nozzle configurations (standard, short), colors (off-white, grey, black, custom), and motor sizes. We’ve never met a building we couldn’t be specified in!

We also offer five separate ranges that package our patented fan technology into specific applications, like retail, architecturally-sensitive spaces, and sound-sensitive spaces.

You can access and download Technical Data on all our ranges here.

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We continuously apply and improve our Airius air circulation and destratification systems worldwide. Give us a call for information, layout assistance, technical help or anything you may need. Use the links provided for case studies, BIM, submittals and product details.

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