Manufacturing Facilities

The American made Airius products are a perfect fit for manufacturing facilities as they were initially conceived out of a need in our own shops. Over head cranes provided clearance issues so when nothing was available to suit our needs, we built it. The same great destratification technology is now available for your manufacturing facility which will provide general air movement to reduce the cooling load during the summer and recirculate warm air to the floor during the winter. Increased comfort, balanced air temperatures and HVAC energy savings all in a small package.

Increase comfort for employees
Save energy – up to 30% off cooling and heating bills
No strobing,  impact on overhead cranes or forklitfs
Improve your HVAC efficiency
Increase employee productivity
No A/C -Circulate air in summer for cooling
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Starward Whiskey Distillery Trusts In Airius Cooling Fans


Comfortable employees are productive employees. Studies have shown that when spot temperatures exceed 25 Deg. C, work quality and speed begins to suffer quickly, with temperatures past 28 Deg. C causing potential physical injury as well. Utilise Airius fans to keep employees cool, calm, and productive year-round.

Airius Cooling Fan

 Benefits to Manufacturing

  • Up to 35% reduction of heating costs
  • Up to 30% reduction of cooling costs
  • Increased comfort for employees
  • No strobing of lights
  • Remove toxic air
  • Spot cooling
  • Minimal cleaning
  • No large blades to consider
  • No impact on overhead cranes
  • Environmental control
  • Maximizes the efficiency of all types of HVAC systems
  • Simple installation
  • Utilizes process heat, lighting and solar gain
  • Reduced run time on existing HVAC equipment
  • Reduced internal condensation and wet floors
  • Reduced ceiling temperatures increasing lighting lifespan
  • PHI units help mitigate odours, mould, viruses, bacteria and VOCs
What They’re Saying

“I just wanted to let you know that the Air Pears are in place and are working really well. We haven’t fully loaded our heat room with honey yet, but at the moment we’ve been monitoring the temperature at floor; head; and ceiling height.

The temperature is actually warmest at floor level (~39 Celsius), and is even between head and ceiling height (~38 Celsius). We’re very impressed.

Previously we would have around 30 Celsius at floor level and 40 - 42 Celsius at ceiling height.



“We were pretty surprised by how good the Airius fans have been...the biggest success is in shooting air down the picking aisles.”

Alex - Digital Fulfilment ManagerLUSH COSMETICS

“We have been using Airius Thermal Equalizers in our production buildings for over 10 years and we’ve been very pleased with both their performance and our return on investment.Our buildings are industrial high bay and overhead crane served with ceiling heights ranging from 15’ to 65’. Our challenge is there isn’t sufficient clearance between to the overhead cranes and the structural ironwork to install an airfoil or other similar destratification solution. The Airius products work for us because they can suspended in unused spaces throughout the ironwork without degrading their performance.”

Craig Cigas - Engineer & CEOCIGAS MACHINE SHOP INC

“Even at 35 Deg. C and humid the Airius fans were really good. We had the fans at speed level 3 in the morning but at 1pm it was too hot so we turned them up to 5 and it was really good - even though it was humid.”

Heather - Line WorkerLUSH COSMETICS

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