Save Money On Your Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning Costs


With electricity prices on the rise, savvy businesses need to do everything they can to keep costs down. If your heating and/or air conditioning costs make up a large portion of your electricity bills, there is a good chance you could be saving hundreds – if not thousands – on your power bills, with Airius destratification fans.

How can fans reduce my power bills?

Most business run their HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems year round, at a significant electricity cost.

In cooler months, much of the warmth generated by heating systems is lost due to a phenomenon known as thermal stratification – which in simple terms means hot air rises and sits at the top of a space, meaning much of that expensive hot air is wasted and not being used efficiently.

Destratification fans save on heating costs and improve thermal comfort

Airius commercial destratification fans are designed to distribute the heated / conditioned air down to the floor where it is needed, improving thermal comfort.

This optimises the results of heating systems, meaning they don’t have to work as hard, saving you money on your electricity costs.

Typically, businesses see a cost reduction between 20 – 50% in their heating costs using Airius destratification fans.

But won’t fans make it feel cooler in Winter?

Airius fans are not like others. While traditional fans use primitive blades to churn air, Airius destratification fans use our patented multi-vane stator technology to create a slow-moving column of air – which increases the distance the air travels and moves the warm air around without creating a cooling effect.

Building before destratification
Building after destratification

Airius Fans Save You Money In Summer Too

In warmer months when your air conditioning is working overtime to keep everyone cool, Airius fans offer 20-40% energy and cost savings by optimising your existing air conditioning system and reducing the load.

Watch this video to understand how our fans can save you money on your cooling costs.

Reduces high level return air temperature
Accurate satisfaction of thermostats no matter location
Light air movement aids in cooling sensation, thus allowing thermostat temperature set point to be increased by 2 – 3°C

Want to know how much you could save?

Contact our experienced team to explore your potential savings today. You’ve got nothing to lose, but dollars off your skyrocketing electricity bills. It’s time to stop paying too much for your commercial heating and cooling.