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Pittwater House School

Greenpoint Christian College

Lush Cosmetics

Springfield State High School

Trinity Grammar School

Airius News

The Air Pear

The Airius PHI

YMCA Sports Hall Report

Research & Testing

Airius 25 Vs. Zoo Fans H-30

Airius 45 Vs. Blade Fan

Airius 45 Vs. Blade Fan - 2

Airius 60 Vs. Zoo Fans H-60

Airius 60 Vs. Zoo Fans H-60 - 2

Airius 60/EC Vs. Zoo Fans H-60

Build Quality

Airius Vs. Zoo Fans - Impact Test

Installation & Maintenance

Unit Installation Guide

25 Fan Housing & Motor Removal

45 Fan Housing & Motor Removal

Speed Controller - 5 AMP

Speed Controller - EC

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