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The age old debate between fans and air conditioning has been ongoing for years. While both methods are effective and cool (literally), using them together can not only make a significant difference in your comfort, but also lead to substantial savings on your energy bill.

Air conditioning as we know is great for bringing down the overall temperature, but it can be a bit of an energy hog. Fans on the other hand, do a fantastic job of moving air around and de-stratifying, making spaces cooler without cranking down the thermostat. Now, the genius move is to use both side by side. UC Berkeley researchers collaborated with partners in Singapore in achieving a 30% energy reduction in office building air conditioning. They did this by combining ceiling fans with slightly higher AC set points.

They reported that the hybrid cooling approach not only maintained but improved occupant comfort. Demonstrations took place in over 10 Singapore buildings and reported 27% energy savings and a 10% increase in occupant satisfaction. The team plans to extend research to residential buildings and explore applications beyond the tropics, aiming to make a substantial impact on climate change mitigation through retrofits and updated building codes.

Air Conditioning units on a residential building in Singapore

Full article: Hybrid Cooling Leads to Significant Energy Savings in Tropical Office Buildings | Research UC Berkeley

Using fans alongside air conditioning allows you to leave your ac at a slightly higher temperature, using less energy and lets the fans disperse the cool air.                                                                       No need to sit in an ice-cold room as this tag team effort not only keeps you comfortable, but also makes your air conditioner work less, thus saving money on your energy bill!

💡Less Energy – Better for our Planet 🌍

In addition to cost savings, using fans alongside air conditioning can also contribute to environmental sustainability. Fans consume significantly less energy compared to air conditioning units. As the overall energy consumption is reduced, this results in a smaller carbon footprint.

Combining their efforts not only enhances personal comfort, but also contributes to significant cost savings and environmental conservation.

💡Energy Efficient Cooling with Airius Asia Pacific🌀

Mastering energy-efficient cooling in Australasia’s hot summers can be achieved with a blend of air conditioning and fans.

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