Heating Your Buildings with Air Pears

Push trapped warm air to the floor with Air Pears! Contact Airius today to find out how!

We all know that heat rises. But what happens when that heat hits the ceiling? Air Pear systems push that warm air back down to the floor where the occupants are and provide thermal equalisation.

Airius Air Pear system will reduce energy use any facility by significant amounts (10-35%) and measurably improve user thermal comfort. Airius ‘Air Pears’ will circulate warm air by destratification in buildings with ceiling heights from 2.5 -31 metres.

As the space becomes larger then the fans become larger as well. Our model 100 uses around 330 watts and can cool zones up to 18 metres high and destratify spaces of up to 31 metres in height and around 350 sq metres in area per unit.

Air Pear units can also be used to move air from one area to another in any direction. Evacuate hot air out of kitchens; out of the backs of trucks, from one conditioned space to a non conditioned space etc. Perfect for heritage buildings or reducing the need for ductwork in your project.

Arguably one of the simplest and easiest methodologies to save energy in buildings.
Improved internal environment has been proven to improve workplace productivity and increase sales in supermarkets etc. as customers stay longer and spend more.
Between 20% – 35% reduction of heating costs – where process heat is involved savings may well exceed 50%.
Between 20% – 35% reduction of carbon emissions.
Up to 35% reduction in overall facility energy costs.
Affordable ‘plug and go’ system.
No large exposed rotating blades causing light strobing or lighting  redesign issues.
Rapid ROI – average 12-24 months.
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Our clients

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Similar Applications

  • Gyms
  • Locker Rooms
  • Libraries
  • Classrooms
  • Multi-purpose Rooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Indoor Pools
  • Atriums
  • Concourses
  • Auditoriums

Benefits to Your Facilities

  • Excellent summer cooling value
  • No large blades rotating in the room catching dust
  • No large rotating blades distracting students
  • No moving parts visible from the user
  • No strobing of lighting
  • No turbulence
  • Less ceiling room occupied by fans
  • Simpler to install
  • Much less power use than ceiling fans
  • More effective at destratification in winter utilising any heat in the room to keep the occupants warm
  • Much improved air circulation in lecture spaces etc.
  • No large blades as targets for students to throw things at
  • No structural installation requirements

What They’re Saying

“Kilmore Toyota is a car dealership based in Kilmore Victoria offering sales of new, used and demonstration vehicles, service, sale of parts and accessories, finance and insurance. In addition, business administration also occurs in this facility.

At Kilmore Toyota we have under floor heating and high ceilings. In winter, the heating needs to be at floor level for the comfort of our staff and customers, not concentrated in the ceiling space. Similarly in summer we required cooling throughout our showroom area.

We considered conventional ceiling fans after being advised we needed air circulation and destratification. However, after seeing the Airius Air Pears in use elsewhere and reading the reviews, we made some further enquiries and purchased 12 of the new Airius Model R20 ‘Eyeball’ units.

We found the Air Pear units to be quiet, efficient and we noticed they moved the air around the space effortlessly and are very good at balancing the temperature in our large space. That was important for us. They are also inconspicuous hanging with our high bay lighting which suits our new architectural facility beautifully.

I would recommend the use of Airius Air Pears in any facility especially where there is a need to contain heating and cooling costs and ensure your customers are comfortable. Have a look for yourself to see how they could make a difference to your business.”

Graeme Dove - Dealer Principal KILMORE TOYOTA

“We are the refrigeration engineers for the Foodworks Supermarket store in Myrtleford, Victoria. It has a floor area of approximately 2000 square metres. Our client’s store was cold and uncomfortable for the customers as well as the staff, especially in the cold aisles. This was due to a pre-existing design fault. To solve the problem, we looked at a (plant upgrade) until we came across the Airius Air Pears.

We installed 8 x Air Pear 15 Standard units in the cold aisle, suspended off the roof structure. The heat sitting at ceiling level was pushed to the floor, the immediate effect being increased comfort in the store for both customers and staff.

The Air Pears are a cost effective solution, they are quiet and we can adjust the speed if and when required by using a speed controller. I would not hesitate in recommending Air Pears, they have solved our issues and are a cost effective investment.”

Shaun Davis - DirectorMB REFRIGERATION

“When first viewing the units in boxes on the floor my initial impression was doubtful that these air transfer units would work. This was due to not understanding the way they operated. Once they were installed, hooked to power, the switch was flicked and their function was explained to me, I still had doubts due to the size and appearance of the Airius Air Pear units. I still could not grasp how the building could benefit from just four units when this was the coldest time of year.

They were switched on that afternoon and the following morning the building was heated to a consistent temperature with the heated areas being evenly controlled. The experience of temperature variation within the building experienced by staff and visitors over the last eight years had changed completely. Basically overnight the Australian Axeman’s Hall of Fame’s atmosphere had altered.

The cost savings are overwhelming as all other heating has been largely reduced and the next bill should indicate a large reduction in power usage cost. The heating benefits alone make the cost of the units feasible. We previously needed five units to heat the building and this was not effective but with the efficiency of the Airius Air Pears we now only require two. Many of the regular patrons of the Australian Axeman’s Hall of Fame have commented that the building is now much more comfortable to visit. Many people used to comment that parts of the building were cold and complained of cold hands and feet. As a large percentage of our customers are elderly they really appreciate the warmer environment, visit more often and stay longer.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Airius Air Pear units to anyone hoping to maintain a more controlled and even heat in a large building. Based on the initial results I would happy to show and explain the Airius Air Pears operation to any potential customers.”

Peter Maloney – Facilities ManagerAXEMANS HALL OF FAME

“Initial results are pleasing with the retailer reviewing these in more detail and hoping to expand the trial to further stores. A spokesperson for the retailer said “the initial results are looking positive with promising results, particularly on warmer days.

In addition, “on cooler days we have found a 1.5-2 degree temperature increase” in the store which has helped to improve comfort and reduce heating costs. Current overall store energy savings are running in summer at around 30% and winter at around 8% plus a two degree temperature increase.”


“Optimum Control Technologies is actively involved in LIVE energy monitoring of the various elements of electricity use in Supermarkets - namely air conditioning, lighting and refrigeration. One of the age old problems has been the temperature variations in supermarkets caused by ‘spillage’ of cold air from dairy cabinets. This can create a temperature variation of up to 7 degrees in cold aisles.

This temperature difference reduces ‘dwell times’, particularly with older customers in cold aisles and Air Conditioning sensors are ‘confused’ between the need to heat and cool, depending on locations within the store.

We looked at huge fans but they presented safety and noise problems. We then discovered the AIRIUS system of purpose designed fan units designed specifically for Supermarkets. We decided to run a limited trial in Frewville Foodland in Adelaide and the results were amazing, defying all the sceptics.

Customers’ noted the improvement in cold aisle temperatures immediately, where it had been a regular cause of complaint. Temperatures throughout the store became more balanced without making a single change to the air conditioning settings. They had no visual impact, even with a relatively low ceiling height. They did NOT have any impact on refrigeration running costs despite many predictions they would – we know this because we are measuring the live running costs of the refrigeration system.

We therefore conclude and recommend the Airius system to any supermarket wishing to improve customer comfort levels at a very low running costs.”

Dennis Hensman - Managing DirectorOPTIMUM CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES

“Well if the thermostat on the A/C control is anything to go by it works well. Previously I might set it at say 22 degrees and the actual reading would never move off 16 or 17.

Now after a period the control shows 22 / 22. Been bitterly cold here so any heating would struggle and particularly in my big roof space.

All in all very good and can notice a difference.”

T. Dodds - Domestic ApplicationADELAIDE (SA)

“I thought I would email you to give you some feedback on the Airius Air Pear fans we installed in our Centenary Sports Hall in December 2014. We installed 8 x Model 60-PS4 Airius Air Pear fans to the ceiling of our Centenary Sports Hall. The hall has a problem with very little cross ventilation available due to it being built underground and has a synthetic basketball court as its roof so the sports hall heats up in the summer months.

The installation of the fans was straight forward and our contracted electrician took two days to fully install the air pear system with two controllers. The air pear system has been in operation for six months now. We are more than happy with the results. The space is a lot more usable in the hotter summer months. We have received great feedback from both the school PE department and also external hirers. High intensity sport is played in the gym now with a lot more comfort.

We have the ability to set the fans on five settings ranging from 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% or 100% capacity. It is rare we turn the fans to 100% even though they are 8.5 meters off the playing surface. To put it into context the gymnastic training group can only have the fans on a setting of 3 out of 5 (60%) because it affects the throwing of the ribbon in the air.

The fans are quiet and move the air around the hall with ease. We have found in the last month we can use the fans to circulate the warmer air at the ceiling height of the hall to the playing surface level to cut down on the need for winter heating. I have received our power consumption invoices for the gym and the fans have made very little to no difference to the running cost of the gym. We leave the fans on overnight to help cool the room for the next day.

We are extremely happy with the performance and comfort we receive since installing these air pear fans and would happily recommend them to other people needing to circulate air and increase thermal comfort. Thanks again for all your professional service and follow up received.”

Keith Stevenson - Facilities ManagerSCEGGS DARLINGHURST

“‘This Designer Series Unit is fantastic .... I have to keep standing under it to know if it is on even at setting 4.’
Again freezing cold here in Ballarat and I have 7.5 degree difference between the ceiling temperature and couch level temperature in the mornings when the heating is first operating. I have left all the sensors in place so that I can read the temps after the Airius is operational.

After install ….The unit works very well. The unit does what it is meant to do. It has lowered the ceiling temperature on average by approximately 6 degrees depending on the day. On a frost morning it is closer to 10 degrees. Now the average differential between floor and ceiling is 1 to 2 degrees. The ceiling height is 4 metres.”

G Wicks - Domestic ApplicationBALLARAT (VIC)

“The Air Pear thermal equalisers are a great asset to the school.

The main benefits for the client include improved air circulation, a balance of temperature throughout the building, low running costs, silent operation and easy installation‚ all at a highly affordable price. Whilst the gas heaters installed warms the hall effectively within 15 minutes, to maintain this temperature for long periods of time would be cost prohibitive to the school.

This is where the Air Pear units come into play, as even after the heating is turned off, the Air Pear units can continue to circulate warm air pushing it back down to the students below. I would highly recommend the Air Pear to my future projects.”


“Just letting you know that we turned this on last Wednesday. While we haven’t had a chance to monitor what happens in the store in regard to the effect on temperatures when the place is in normal operation, (they opened on Thursday with queues about 500m long), my initial observations were that it was providing a noticeable airflow at ground level which is about 9.5m below the fan.

My brief tests with smoke indicated that the air being pushed back down was quite well ‘defined’ and was not spreading out, which was good to see.

Thanks for your help with this.”

John Docherty - Project ManagerHVAC ASSIST LTD

“I just wanted to let you know that the Air Pears are in place and are working really well. We haven’t fully loaded our heat room with honey yet, but at the moment we’ve been monitoring the temperature at floor; head; and ceiling height.

The temperature is actually warmest at floor level (~39 Celsius), and is even between head and ceiling height (~38 Celsius). We’re very impressed.

Previously we would have around 30 Celsius at floor level and 40 - 42 Celsius at ceiling height.



“We have had some really cold days in the Blue Mountains lately and the wood fire been going for most the time throughout the day.

The Air-Pear been very effective in "pushing" the warm air from the high ceiling back down to the living area… during winter, it had worked the way I thought it would.


P. Kong - Domestic ApplicationBLUE MOUNTAINS (NSW)

“The domestic unit is fantastic!

It is absolutely perfect for the application, and although I know it is for a more specific de-stratification application than a normal blade fan, I really think the product should be given a lot more publicity.

It produces a column of downward air that doesn't disturb nearby pendants; is super compact, very unobtrusive and looks better than a normal blade fan; removes any chance of "strobing" where a downlight can be seen through fan blades when they rotate; and is great for tall ceiling heights. This one is handling 7m no worries.”

Andrew Sypkens - ArchitectCENTRUM ARCHITECTS

“We purchased Airius free hanging destratification fan units and installed them into 2 sports halls and the swimming pool area at the Sixmile Leisure Centre, Newtownabbey.

These units have made a vast improvement to the internal atmosphere within the buildings and the public who use the facilities find the air quality greatly improved for sporting activities. The heating systems come on much less often and the complaints from swimmers about the warmth in the swimming pool area has reduced by 90%.

We have found the Airius units have reduced our heating costs by an impressive 25% in sports halls and swimming pool area; the thermostat in the swimming pool building has also been turned down 2°C!”