Industrial and Warehouse Cooling

Protect your staff and production from the heat and keep your large facilities cool in summer with Air Pears

Keep your staff comfortable and increase productivity with cooling airflow from Airius Fans! Air movement with Airius fans cool people at 30 times less cost than air conditioners.

Large spaces without air-conditioning can be extremely hazardous for staff in hot conditions. Concentration can be diminished, productivity can be limited and the results can be fatal.

Airius’ Patented Airflow systems move large amounts of non-turbulent airflow over long distances, vertically or horizontally, using very low amounts of electricity. Fans can be used in isolation for workstation spot cooling or as a multi fan system across large floor areas and high ceilings ensuring you get the optimum airflow for any facility.

Airius Fans also work alongside AC systems in both cooling and heating operations. Airius fans have been proven to be an efficient AC mixing system in high volume spaces ensuring even temperature distributions throughout any internal space. Using Airius fans can reduce installation costs by replacing ductwork and will effectively mix and distribute the conditioned air from its supply point. This method offers numerous up front and maintenance cost saving benefits.

Airius fans can also provide air movement cooling in fringe seasons when air conditioning is not required, to keep the internal environment feeling fresh. The airflow from Airius Fans balance temperatures from wall to wall and ceiling to floor by circulating air around the entire space. The resulting air mixing creates a thermally equalised environment perfect for storage of sensitive products from pharmaceuticals to chocolate.

This thermal equalisation is also known as destratification, which significantly improves the efficiency of heating systems. Destratification is the technical term for gently pushing warmer air down to the occupied space which can improve heating energy efficiency by up to 60%.

Airius has a long list of satisfied clients experiencing the comfort, increased productivity and reduced energy consumption that Airius fans offer – get in touch with our team today for a free design and quote for your facility.

Increase comfort for employees
Save energy – up to 30% off cooling and heating bills
No impact on overhead cranes etc.
Improve your HVAC efficiency
Maintain product integrity from floor to ceiling
Provide summer cooling without air conditioning
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Similar Applications

  • Factories
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Work Sheds
  • Distribution Centers
  • Sorting Facilities
  • Packaging
  • Warehousing
  • Assembly
  • Food Storage
  • Pharmaceutical Storage
  • Service Centers
  • Loading/Receiving Docks
  • Spot Cooling

Benefits to Industrial Facilities

  • Increase comfort and productivity of employees
  • No lighting redesign needed
  • Save energy – up to 30% off cooling and 60% off heating bills
  • No impact on overhead cranes etc.
  • Improve your HVAC efficiency and costs
  • Maintain product integrity from floor to ceiling
  • Provide summer cooling without air conditioning
  • Simple, unobtrusive and relatively small fans
  • Plug and play solution
  • No large exposed rotating blades

What They’re Saying

“All the Airius Fan Units are now installed and running. They are having a fantastic affect. This is the first year I have not had the press shop complaining to me about the temperature.

Alan Sawyer - Business Systems ManagerUYS

“We fitted the 3 Airius units to remove the hotspots in our manufacturing area. They were simple and quick to fit and resolved the problem instantly.

The Airius fans improved our staff comfort & productively. I would highly recommend the Airius product!”

Peter J Carte - Health, Safety & Environment ManagerAGI

“We installed the Arius destratification system in our production area and working conditions were greatly improved.

We have recently gained re-accreditation of the Carbon Trust Standard and this project has helped to improve our manufacturing area with minimal impact to our Carbon Footprint.”

Paul Gale - Process Improvement ManagerAbbey Engineering