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Keep your factory, warehouse or manufacturing plant warm this winter with the Air Pears destratification fans!

Stop your winter heating bill going through the roof and achieve up to a 35% saving on energy use for heating! We all know heat rises and with most industrial buildings having ceiling heights of higher than 10 metres, a lot of that heat gets trapped right beneath those high ceilings. Air Pears provide an efficient and unmatched means of pushing that warm air back down to the floor by the process of destratification.

Find out why Coles, British Airways, British Telcom, United States Air Force, Department of Defence Australia, Air France, Woolworths and thousands of other Blue chip companies around the world choose Airius Fans to destratify their spaces in winter, improving comfort and saving lots of heating energy.

Increase comfort and winter health for employees!
Save up to 35% off  heating bills!
No impact on overhead cranes, lighting or machinery etc.
Improve your HVAC efficiency
Maintain product integrity from floor to ceiling
Can also provide summer cooling via air movement
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What They’re Saying

“All the Airius Fan Units are now installed and running. They are having a fantastic affect. This is the first year I have not had the press shop complaining to me about the temperature.

Alan Sawyer - Business Systems ManagerUYS

“We fitted the 3 Airius units to remove the hotspots in our manufacturing area. They were simple and quick to fit and resolved the problem instantly.

The Airius fans improved our staff comfort & productively. I would highly recommend the Airius product!”

Peter J Carte - Health, Safety & Environment ManagerAGI

“We installed the Arius destratification system in our production area and working conditions were greatly improved.

We have recently gained re-accreditation of the Carbon Trust Standard and this project has helped to improve our manufacturing area with minimal impact to our Carbon Footprint.”

Paul Gale - Process Improvement ManagerAbbey Engineering