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Encourage Lingering in the Aisle

Supermarket cooling and heating difficult to maintain? High energy bills and uneven temperatures? Your problem might be stratification. Stratification is the tendency for hot air to rise towards the ceiling in large buildings with tall ceilings, and grocery stores often face this problem due to the variety of temperatures present in the store. From the cold cases to the deli, with the front doors opening and closing for every new customer, maintaining a consistent temperature is tough. Without a destratification system, a badly stratified grocery store can be an awfully unpleasant place to work or shop. Fogging on exterior glass of case doors? Slip hazards at entrances? Destratification can help here, too!

Airius helps solve issues with stratified air with a line of high-impact destratification fans. Our sales team is ready to help you understand the movement of air in your store to benefit supermarket cooling and heating and recommend a selection of fans that suit your specific needs. Not only will an Airius fan make your store more comfortable for your employees and patrons by equalizing the temperature, it can significantly reduce HVAC bills by reducing the cooling load during the summer and recirculating warm air to the floor during winter.

Airius owns a utility patent on two key components of the Air Pear, the stator and venturi nozzle. This patent allow us to build a product that, unlike a ceiling fan, provides a narrow column of air that can be directed. This is a crucial component of grocery store destratification, as these components are built so that they will not interfere with open cold cases.

Airius fans can be installed in both dropped ceilings or an exposed structure.

Woolworths Install Airius Suspended Supermarket Cooling Fan

Woolworths, Williamstown, VIC

Save energy – up to 30% off supermarket cooling & heating bills
Increase comfort for customers and staff
Unique bespoke supermarket models
Improve your HVAC efficiency
Quiet models for sound-sensitive installations
Unobtrusive in-ceiling kit option
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Case Study: Foodland (Adelaide)Case Study: Alfalfa'sCase Study: Foodie's
Woolworths Trust in Airius Supermarket Cooling Fans

Woolworths, Williamstown, VIC

Benefits of Airius Supermarket Cooling & Destratification to Grocery Stores

  • Up to 35% reduction of heating costs
  • Up to 30% reduction of cooling costs
  • Massive improvement in cold aisle comfort
  • No negative impact on fridge cases
  • Increased consumer dwell time in cold aisles
  • Increased comfort for employees and visitors
  • Balances temperatures in supermarket
  • Simple installation
  • Utilises process heat, lighting and solar gain
  • Reduced run time on existing HVAC equipment
  • Reduced internal condensation and wet floors
  • Reduced ceiling temperatures increasing lighting lifespan
  • PHI units help mitigate odours, mould,viruses, bacteria and VOCs

Similar Applications

  • Entrances & Vestibules
  • Bathrooms (Great PHI application)
  • Cart Storage Areas (Great PHI application)
  • Back of House
  • Loading Docks
  • Bar & Dinning Areas
  • Distribution Centers
  • Convenience Stores
Airius Retail Series Fan - Duckbill
What They’re Saying

“Optimum Control Technologies is actively involved in LIVE energy monitoring of the various elements of electricity use in Supermarkets - namely air conditioning, lighting and refrigeration. One of the age old problems has been the temperature variations in supermarkets caused by ‘spillage’ of cold air from dairy cabinets. This can create a temperature variation of up to 7 degrees in cold aisles.

This temperature difference reduces ‘dwell times’, particularly with older customers in cold aisles and Air Conditioning sensors are ‘confused’ between the need to heat and cool, depending on locations within the store.

We looked at huge fans but they presented safety and noise problems. We then discovered the AIRIUS system of purpose designed fan units designed specifically for Supermarkets. We decided to run a limited trial in Frewville Foodland in Adelaide and the results were amazing, defying all the sceptics.

Customers’ noted the improvement in cold aisle temperatures immediately, where it had been a regular cause of complaint. Temperatures throughout the store became more balanced without making a single change to the air conditioning settings. They had no visual impact, even with a relatively low ceiling height. They did NOT have any impact on refrigeration running costs despite many predictions they would – we know this because we are measuring the live running costs of the refrigeration system.

We therefore conclude and recommend the Airius system to any supermarket wishing to improve customer comfort levels at a very low running costs.”

Dennis Hensman - Managing DirectorOPTIMUM CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES

“Initial results are pleasing with the retailer reviewing these in more detail and hoping to expand the trial to further stores. A spokesperson for the retailer said “the initial results are looking positive with promising results, particularly on warmer days.

In addition, “on cooler days we have found a 1.5-2 degree temperature increase” in the store which has helped to improve comfort and reduce heating costs. Current overall store energy savings are running in summer at around 30% and winter at around 8% plus a two degree temperature increase.”


“We are the refrigeration engineers for the Foodworks Supermarket store in Myrtleford, Victoria. It has a floor area of approximately 2000 square metres. Our client’s store was cold and uncomfortable for the customers as well as the staff, especially in the cold aisles. This was due to a pre-existing design fault. To solve the problem, we looked at a (plant upgrade) until we came across the Airius Air Pears.

We installed 8 x Air Pear 15 Standard units in the cold aisle, suspended off the roof structure. The heat sitting at ceiling level was pushed to the floor, the immediate effect being increased comfort in the store for both customers and staff.

The Air Pears are a cost effective solution, they are quiet and we can adjust the speed if and when required by using a speed controller. I would not hesitate in recommending Air Pears, they have solved our issues and are a cost effective investment.”

Shaun Davis - DirectorMB REFRIGERATION

“There have been huge benefits with the overall reduction of relative humidity where the Air Pear destratifiers have been installed.”

Tom HutchinsonEnreps LLC, Energy Management & HVAC Consultants

“When I first saw the Airius Units I was very skeptical about them and really didn’t understand how they would work. The Airius Thermal Equalizer is a truly remarkable product with what they really do. They have neutralized and even out the temperature. The Airius units utilized the warmer air in the ceiling by bring it down in the aisles and mixing with the cooler air therefore, has balance and equalized the temperature. After installing the Airius Product I have received very positive feedback. There are no more complaints about the Freezer section aisles being too cold.”

Bob BoothElectrical Dimensions, Portland

“We have been using Airius fans in our grocery stores for many years. The fans have always been reliable and provide excellent air movement. Since we started purchasing these fans I have never had an issue with them. All the employees of Airius that I have had the privilege of working with have been excellent and very responsive. Airius is on the cutting edge of air movement and is always looking for ways to improve their products. Definitely an economical solution to air stratification issues one might have. I have nothing but praise for them and recommend it to any company.”

Daniel AbrahamsonLead Maintenance Technician, Natural Grocers Vitamin Cottage