Toyota Showroom


Car Showroom Heating & Cooling

Toyota (Kilmore), Melbourne, VIC.

This new Toyota car showroom is located just north of Melbourne, Kilmore, in Victoria and approached Airius for a cost efficient Car Showroom heating and cooling solution.

The Dealer Principal, Graeme Dove, wanted to ensure that there was controllable air movement across the year to work in conjunction with his air conditioning system.

Improved thermal comfort in summer and winter for his customers and staff, as well as energy savings, were his priorities.


APPLICATION: Car Showroom Heating & Cooling

CUSTOMER: Toyota (Kilmore)

LOCATION:  Melbourne, VIC.

YEAR:  2017


After seeing the units in operation at a large retailer in Melbourne, Graeme approached Airius Oceania to provide a car showroom heating and cooling solution for his new facility, due to the aesthetics, low cost, efficacy and simple install of our units without the constraints of other types of fans.

Airius satisfied the customer’s every concern.

Toyota Kilmore is a new architecturally designed car showroom located in the region just north of Melbourne. The area suffers from very cold winters and very hot summers. The mechanical Engineering consultants recommended the Airius circulation and destratification fans to improve the efficiency of his air conditioning system in both summer and winter, while also optimising the thermal comfort of his customers.

Graeme wanted the unique look of the latest Airius units and he opted for the recently released R20 EC Retail series, known colloquially as the ‘Eyeball’, to be installed at his premises in Kilmore in late 2015.

These aesthetic, high performing, very quiet units, primarily designed for a broad range of retail applications, offer a unique solution and suit the facility very well.

In winter, the penetrating ‘Torus’ air flow shape of the patented Airius units, ensures rising heat is not wasted and is efficiently pushed back down to the floor.

In summer, the higher speed circulation capability offers cooling on its own or optimises the performance of the air conditioning system.

The facility is around 500 sq. metres in size and approximately 6.5 metres high.


In 2015, Graeme purchased 12 Airius Retail Series Model R20 EC ‘Eyeball’ units with a speed control capability and installed them under the ceiling in his showroom.

The units are simply suspended off the ceiling structure above and work silently to save heating energy in winter while maximising the circulation of the cooled air in summer and also offering cooling with air conditioning turned off.


Graeme is thrilled with the look and the performance of the units and excitingly for him, this was the first commercial installation of the ‘Eyeball’ R20EC Airius units in Australia.

At Kilmore Toyota we have under floor heating and high ceilings. In winter, the heating needs to be at floor level for the comfort of our staff and customers, not concentrated in the ceiling space. Similarly in summer we required cooling throughout our showroom area.

We considered conventional ceiling fans after being advised we needed air circulation and destratification. However, after seeing the Airius Air Pears in use elsewhere and reading the reviews, we made some further enquiries and purchased 12 of the new Airius Model R20 ‘Eyeball’ units.

We found the Air Pear units to be quiet, efficient and we noticed they moved the air around the space effortlessly and are very good at balancing the temperature in our large space. That was important for us. They are also inconspicuous hanging with our high bay lighting which suits our new architectural facility beautifully.

I would recommend the use of Airius Air Pears in any facility especially where there is a need to contain heating and cooling costs and ensure your customers are comfortable. Have a look for yourself to see how they could make a difference to your business.

Keith StevensonFacilities Manager



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