Starward Whisky Distillery

Starward-Whisky-Distillery-Trusts-In-Airius-Cooling-Fans-1APPLICATION: Distillery Cooling

CUSTOMER: Starward Whisky Distillery

LOCATION:  Melbourne, VIC.

YEAR:  2018 (Part 1) & 2022 (Part 2)

Starward Whisky Distillery Keep Cool With Airius Fans

PHASE ONE (2018)

The Challenge:

Starward Whisky operates a massive distillery which makes world class whisky. They were having an issue where the distillery, which doubles as a tasting bar, was excessively cold and used one simple gas radiant heater which warmed the immediate air around it. The heat was being lost up high and the G400EC systems gently push the air back down to the floor. The G400EC also offer Starward enough power to create air movement for cooling in summer.

The Solution:

Installed 2 x G400EC Sapphire Series across this massive high ceilinged distillery.

PHASE TWO (2022)

The Challenge:

With the distillery, blending space, packaging line and in-house bar all under one roof, New World Distillery faced a common challenge: How to regulate airflow to suit multiple areas of the business.

New World needed to find a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution that ensure a comfortable space for both their staff and bar patrons.

The Solution:

Spot cooling with a series of Onyx EC fans were installed in the control station for the distillery, the packaging line and the in-house bar, enabling New World to increase air movement and improve thermal comfort for staff and patrons.


We’re trying to heat our bar, which is in the middle of our distillery, and a big open warehouse space. The existing gas radiant heater worked well, but struggled to cover the whole area, and we knew that most of the heat was travelling 10m up to the roof space. Airius fans were suggested by an energy consultant to improve heating performance, as well as adding cooling in summer, and we quickly engaged Airius for an offer.

After installing two Airius fans and experiencing the immediate difference to the comfort level in the bar, we were very impressed. Looking forward to seeing how they perform in summer, and we are planning to install more of the units around the building.

We had a rapid installation requirement, and Airius and the installing partner worked quickly to have the units delivered, installed and commissioned within two weeks of order. The level of customer service and quality of work was high from both parties.

We are looking to install more units, and would recommend Airius fans as a great solution for effective comfort management in large spaces.

Facilities Manager



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