Ramada Inn

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Ramada Inn, Port Douglas, QLD.

Global hotel and resort chain Ramada needed to address over-heating problems in the Reception area of their Port Douglas resort in North Queensland, Australia.

Customers and staff were uncomfortable, especially during the high tropical temperatures experienced throughout summer months.

They resolved the issue using Airius Narrow Aisle fan units, which provide spot cooling at counters and improve the overall airflow circulation throughout the space.

Ramada uses Airius Fans

APPLICATION: Hotel Cooling

CUSTOMER: Ramada Inn

LOCATION:  Port Douglas, QLD.

YEAR:  2017


During the summer months temperatures in Northern Queensland can hit highs of 35°C and humidity can rise to as much as 80%. This can have negative consequences on most building environments, especially those with little or no airflow circulation. Even those with a designed or ad hoc cooling solution can fail to achieve sufficient levels of cooling in these conditions.

This was the situation the management at Ramada Resort by Wyndham Port Douglas found themselves in. In an attempt to resolve the severe over-heating issue the hotel was experiencing in its Reception area, the resort had installed paddle fans above the counters.

Not only did the paddle fans prove ineffective at providing cooling or circulating sufficient airflow during extreme temperatures, but even during average conditions they were not providing any benefit.


Installed 5 x Airius Retail Series Duckbill Model fans with an Airius 0-100% variable speed controller.


Following discussion with the team at Airius, the management agreed to trial a single Airius Narrow Aisle unit behind the counter to see if Airius could resolve their over-heating problem. The trial was such a success that within a week the resort had ordered another 4 Narrow Aisle units to install in its Reception area.

The units were installed within only a few hours, positioned above each work station along the counter. Each unit was then angled to supply airflow and cooling direct to both staff and customers when at the reception counter, providing the much needed and long awaited relief the resort was looking for.

The overall circulation of the space was also improved as a result of Airius’ patented airflow design, which entrains and draws surrounding air into the fan’s focused column of air discharge, optmising the efficiency of the unit and ensuring all the air in the space is circulated. This results in a gentle cooling breeze felt throughout the entirety of the space.

The end result is a much fresher and more comfortable environment with adaptable airflow cooling focused where it is needed most, but all at a fraction of the cost.



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