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Museum Heating & Cooling

Axeman’s Hall of Fame, Latrobe, TAS.

The Axeman’s Hall of Fame Museum in Latrobe, Tasmania had been uncomfortably cold in winter for many years despite increasing the heating capacity. Airius was approached by Adrian Luke from DMS Energy to trial Air Pears to improve the comfort for the building’s users and reduce heating costs.

The installation of 4 x Model 25 Airius Air Pears at the Museum proved a resounding success with heating use reduced by 60% in two days and customers thrilled with the new level of comfort in the space.


APPLICATION: Museum Heating & Cooling

CUSTOMER: Axeman’s Hall of Fame

LOCATION:  Latrobe, TAS.

YEAR:  2015


When winter strikes building owners or users are faced with trying to heat a space while all the warm air rises to the ceiling. This means the heating is being over delivered to compensate for the rising warm air and the user on the floor is often still cold. This results in a lot of heating energy being wasted. Someone has to pay for that wasted heat.

Additionally the increase in heat at the ceiling or roof means there is a greater difference in temperature between indoor and outdoor. The larger the temperature difference the faster the heat is lost out of the roof. This results in even more heating energy and cost to rectify.

The Axeman’s Hall of Fame located at Latrobe in northern Tasmania is a Heritage Museum that was constructed around 25 years ago primarily using local materials such as timber.

It is used regularly for markets and performances as well as displaying a range of heritage items relevant to the local area. DMS Energy proposed Airius Air Pears to the Axeman’s Hall of Fame as a possible solution to making the building warmer while reducing the heating costs.

The space is approximately 400 sq.mts. in size and the roof is 8 metres from the floor.


Four Airius Air Pear Series Model 25 (with one speed controller) were installed up under the roof zone equally spaced around the room.


Within two days of operation the manager had to turn off 60% of their heating. Otherwise it was too warm in the space!

The manager, who didn’t expect the Airius Air Pears could be so effective so quickly, was astounded at the outcome. Regular customers who had complained about the cold environment for many years were now amazed at how comfortable the Museum had become.

This trial has been a success and mimics the level of savings Airius has achieved worldwide over the previous 12 years in thousands of different facilities in this type of climate.

Airius has many more installations in Australasia where the use of the Air Pears to reduce heating energy has been very successful.

I still could not grasp how the building could benefit from just four Air Pear units when this was the coldest time of year.

They were switched on that afternoon and the following morning the building was heated to a consistent temperature with the heated areas being evenly controlled.

We previously needed five units to heat the building and this was not effective but with the efficiency of the Airius Air Pears we now only require two.

The units have achieved an atmosphere of warmth and welcome to the Australian Axeman’s Hall of Fame.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Airius Air Pear units to anyone hoping to maintain a more controlled and even heat in a large building.

Peter MaloneyGeneral Manager



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