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Supermarkets-Keep-Cool-With-Airius-Cooling-Fans-1Maintaining Thermal Comfort in Supermarkets

Airius’ biggest market worldwide is supermarkets. The  efficacy and value of Airius fans has been proven over thousands of grocery store installations around the world.

In Australia, a range of supermarkets have opted to utilise Airius fans to optimise their cooling and heating solutions. Supplying their employees and customers with even, comfortable temperatures that provide an energy efficient operation, by eliminating hot and cold spots at a reduced cost and a reduced carbon footprint.


Cooling and heating supermarkets stores can be difficult to maintain. With high energy bills, uneven hot and cold temperatures, and an impact on thermal comfort for employees and customers. Especially if stratification is the issue. Stratification is the tendency for hot air to rise towards the roof in large buildings with high ceilings, and supermarkets stores often face this issue due to the range of temperatures present in the facility. With Airius fans, through the use of their patented world leading air delivery system, they are able to gently (or strongly if required) move the cool or warm  air around, as well as push the warm air down to floor level from up under the ceiling . This is crucial in improving the environment in refrigerated cold aisles.

Depending on the time of year, without the proper air movement and cooling or heating solution, a supermarket can be an awfully unpleasant place to work or shop. In summer and winter, it can become difficult for cold aisles to remain comfortable, as there is large amounts of chilled air that spills out of cabinets etc. Temperatures of 7 deg C in those cold aisles are not uncommon. This cold environment impacts the dwell time of customers, reducing sales. Additionally, the use of Airius fans reduces fogging of freezer doors and also removes condensation off the floor, significantly reducing trip/slip hazards.


Airius supply a range of enclosed blade fan units; including a Suspended Series, Retail Series, Air Pear Series, and other fan types that help solve issues with stratified air or energy efficiency.Airius even have a special fan design to work in  very narrow cold aisles and not impact the refrigeration. (R20 EC Narrow Aisle). Airius fans can be installed in both dropped ceilings or an exposed structure, depending on the directional air flow you require.


Not only will an Airius unit make your store more comfortable for your employees and customers by equalising the temperature; it can significantly reduce HVAC bills by reducing the cooling load during the summer and recirculating warm air to the floor during winter, thereby reducing the heating load. As an added bonus, ‘fogging’ on fridge doors or any condensation on the floor is removed due to gentle air movement, created by Airius fans. Airius patented units, unlike a ceiling fan, provide a narrow column of air that can penetrate the lower colder air and mix the air at floor level, where it is required. This air flow can be directed as required and the narrow column of air will not impact negatively on open or closed fridge cases.  As well as being very easy to install, they are easy to move, unobtrusive and are able to be pointed in a direction that provides the optimal air movement outcome.


Supermarket instalments =

  • Woolworths – Over fifty stores around Australia
  • Coles – more than 30 stores around Australia
  • Foodland Australia – 4 stores.
  • IGA Australia – 4 stores
  • Countdown NZ – 4 stores
  • International
    • Marks and Spencer
    • Morrisons
    • John Lewis
    • Tesco
    • ASDA
    • Aldi
    • Sainsbury’s
    • Carrefour
    • Kroger
    • Whole foods
    • Walmart
    • And scores of other grocery store chains



Every Retail Shop, Stadium, School and Workplace is different and we know getting it right is important to achieve the right balance of cool airflow. With one of the industry’s largest range of commercial fans our Airius team have created a solution for every application.
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