We saved our last cold storage facility over $42,000

Airius Improves Cold Storage Efficiency

Airius Fans and National Resource Management Inc. (NRM) developed a solution which increased energy savings by 33.28% over the first five months of operation.

An array of 70 low-wattage Airius destratification fans were part of a strategy implemented by National Resource Management Inc. to increase the time between cycles of power-hungry 1 to 2 horsepower ventilation motors (total load of 62kW) from 7 to 20 minutes.

To make this possible, Airius destratification fans were added to the 11 m. high warehouse ceiling to maintain thermal equilibrium throughout the space, floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

By recirculating the conditioned air in the cold storage space, NRM’s controls were able to optimize the facility’s energy usage for a 33.28% decrease in energy use and a total refrigeration savings of 60%.

The reduced electrical load from running Airius fans in lieu of large ventilation fans, along with the increased cycle times programmed by NRM, are responsible for a significant portion of the savings.

Whether you are a wholesaler, distributor, manufacturer or 3rd party logistics provider, your cold-storage facility can financially and operationally benefit from a partnership with Airius and NRM.

Before and After Installation

Temperature: Controlled.

Free Case Study: Pharmaceutical Warehouse

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