Airius supplies YMCA and PCYC with Airius Air Pears for Summer Cooling

Airius are now supplying  their unique patented Air Pears to a  broad range  of  sports hall providers to provide summer  cooling via evaporative air movement without the  typical constraints   of large HVLS fans.

These include the  renowned sporting facilities PCYC, YMCA, Armadale Arena; Perth, numerous schools around Australia, Sutherland Netball Association, Rockhampton Council…etc. etc.

In sports halls up to 10 metres high we supply our Model 60 Ps4s or EC motor units and in spaces higher than that we are supplying our model 100 EC or our model 125 EL.

Airius now has over 40 Sports facilities across Australia using their Airius Air Pears with another 10 facilities specified and many more in the design phase.

Airius offers a unique solution for the problem of overheating sports halls and also provides a lot of benefits as well over alternative products such as:-

  • No three phase power required
  • No lighting redesigns needed
  • No strobing of existing lighting
  • Unobstrusive and can be almost invisible if required
  • No ongoing maintenance contracts
  • No damage from basketballs etc.
  • No structural requirements for installation
  • No restrictions to suspension floor usage
  • Can be hidden up between roof frame work
  • Reduces floor condensation
  • Full speed or BMS control
  • Low noise
  • Low power

Find out more how you can make your sporting teams more comfortable without the use of air conditioning.

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