Airius Fans Vs HVLS Fans

Airius Fans Vs HVLS Fans

Airius Fans offer a proven and cost-effective solution to the cooling of spaces with many benefits compared to large HVLS fans.

See this comparison below:

Airius FansFeatures & Benefits

$ 99

Per Month
  • Hidden Blades – YES
  • Unobtrusive – YES
  • Lowest Upfront Costs – YES
  • Lowest Running Costs – YES
  • No Strobing of Lighting – YES
  • No Lighting Redesign Required – YES
  • No Yearly Maintenance Contract – YES
  • Single Phase Power – YES
  • No Height Install Restrictions – YES
  • Not Affected by Cross Winds – YES
  • No Structural Install Required – YES
  • No Guy Ropes Required – YES
  • No Clashing with Cranes – YES
  • No Damage from Basketballs – YES
  • No Protective Nets/Cages Needed – YES
  • Full Speed or BMS Control – YES
  • Full Replacement Warranty – YES
  • Low Noise – YES
Airius Fans

HVLS FansFeatures & Benefits

$ 99

Per Month
  • NO – Hidden Blades
  • NO – Unobtrusive
  • NO – Lowest Upfront Costs
  • NO – Lowest Running Costs
  • NO – No Strobing of Lighting
  • NO – No Lighting Redesign Required
  • NO – No Yearly Maintenance Contract
  • NO – Single Phase Power
  • NO – No Height Install Restrictions
  • NO – Not Affected by Cross Winds
  • NO – No Structural Install Required
  • NO – No Guy Ropes Required
  • NO – No Clashing with Cranes
  • NO – No Damage from Basketballs
  • NO – No Protective Nets/Cages Needed
  • YES – Full Speed or BMS Control
  • YES – Full Replacement Warranty
  • YES – Low Noise

“We are extremely happy with the performance and comfort we receive since installing these air pear fans and would happily recommend them to other people needing to circulate air and increase thermal comfort.”

Keith Stevenson - Facilities ManagerSCEGGS Darlinghurst, NSW (2015)

“….the Air Pears certainly have made a big difference and improved comfort during the various functions we have at the centre….since installation there have been no complaints about overheating and there is much appreciation of having the areas cooler.”

Peter Gay - Facilities ManagerGreen Point Christian College, NSW (2017)

“The addition of fans have greatly improved the working environment for staff and students, and it is something that I and the TAS team appreciate.”

Paul Berecry - Stage 5 Grammar Coordinator Pittwater House School, NSW (2017)

Understanding Airflow Patterns

Correct fan placement is crucial for maximizing airflow distribution while adhering to safety standards.
*Data provided by a large blade fan manufacturer and highlights how their air flow moves in summer cooling

Open Area Airflow

The airflow moves from the fan toward the floor.

When airflow hits the floor, it moves outward in all directions.

The deflection of air off the floor is called a “floor jet.”

Enclosed Area Airflow

The floor jet radiates outward until it reaches the walls, which deflect the jet upward. After it hits the ceiling, the upward flow is directed inward to the low pressure area above the fan where it is then pulled down toward the floor. This creates a convection-like air current that gathers momentum. Once this current is established, the fan begins to move air outside the current, escalating its cooling effects.

Multiple Fan Airflow

Where there are multiple fans appropriately spaced, the expanding jets of adjacent fans meet to create a pressure zone. The pressure zone acts like a wall, causing each fan to behave like a single enclosed fan.

Typically, a single fan’s performance will increase when working in conjunction with other fans.

Airius Airflow Pattern

Blade-less Technology

This image above of Airius Air Pear units in operation highlights how the air flow pattern is similar to that of a HVLS product. It’s just that one uses large exposed blades and one doesn’t.

Eventually the Air Pears air flow pattern will start to rise back up to the roof again and continue recirculating as does the HVLS fan air flow pattern. Air flow is achieved all across the floor at 600mm AFFL.

Airius Sports / Hall Cooling Series

Air Pear Fan multi use

Air Pear 60/EC

Sapphire Plus

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