How is Airius Cooling Australian Buildings?

Summer Is Coming. What Are Some of the Latest Australian Cooling Projects Using Airius® Air Pears?

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As we have discussed before in our previous newsletters, air flow offers a great low-cost cooling solution. That’s why fans or other air movement devices have been around for so long. Since the days of the Egyptians.

We have also discussed previously that air movement offers significant cooling capabilities even in tropical and humid climates. Cooling of between 3-7 Deg C is achievable through the use of fans in hot and humid and/or hot and dry climates, subject to air speed.

Airius has found a great niche for providing cooling air flow in those types of environments. Projects in Fiji, Darwin, Cairns and countries across Asia such as Vietnam, Thailand and India provide testimony to the efficacy of the Airius Fans and their value for cooling.

One of the great Airius attributes is their unobtrusiveness. Many clients appreciate that plus their ease of install and total lack of consequential costs around install complexity, lighting strobing, structure, maintenance requirements and three phase power, as found with larger bladed fan units.

In basketball halls, for example there is also another great Airius benefit. No risk of damage from Basketballs or similar.

In warehouses and factories with overhead cranes, the Airius fans can sit above the crane, out of the way.

In facilities where they have aisles and shelving or racking, (impeding the air flow from a typical fan) and require aisle cooling, Airius is unmatched at pushing the air down or along the aisles, which other fan types can’t supply.

There are many facilities where Airius units can be wall mounted or slung from an overhead structure but move the air horizontally, offering significant cooling and air movement across and around the space if needed.

One of the great Airius applications, gaining much traction now in assorted projects in Europe, India and now Australia, is the ability to replace or measurably reduce ductwork in air-conditioned environments.

Ductwork is there to simply mix and distribute conditioned cold or warm air. When correctly sized and located,

Airius units can work as an effective alternative ductwork system, reducing MEP costs by up to 20% with the added benefit of related energy savings.

Open spaced zones with proposed or current ducted or soft duct systems, such as storage or manufacturing, sports halls, casinos, galleries, gymnasiums etc. or facilities with passive or active chilled beam, central spine ducts or soft ducts will all benefit hugely from the implementation of Airius units as a substitute for, or supplement to, ductwork.

Another area where great value can be achieved via the use of Airius fans is in condensation. Supermarkets are one area where we can offer a great and low-cost methodology to reduce or remove condensation.

Indoor pools often benefit from the use of Airius air Pears to, not only reduce pool heating costs by destratifying the space and keeping the heat back in the pool, but they also offer cooling to the concourse in addition to significant and noticeable condensation reduction or removal.

In the more domestic fields, Airius has the new ‘Opal’ 2 (programmable) speed unit. This small, aesthetic, circular architectural unit is perfect for applications such as aged care bedrooms, hotel rooms, lounge and dining rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, covered outdoor areas, verandas etc. Mounted on the wall or from the ceiling, it offers a great alternative to a domestic ceiling fan or pedestal fan.

In order to keep you up to date on some of our latest projects, please see some of our project images below.


Trinity Grammar (NSW).

 8 x Airius Model 60 EC Air Pear fans.
 5 x Model R20EC Eyeball fans.
– See how unobtrusive Airius units are…


Tyco (Western Sydney).

 22 x Model 45 PS2 Airius Air Pears.
– Spot and general cooling.


Ramada Inn (Port Douglas, QLD).

 5 x R20 EC Narrow Aisle units in reception counter.


Virgin Active Gym (Barangaroo, NSW).

 20 x Model R20EC ‘Eyeball’ Black units – mounted horizontally.


Coomera Tavern (QLD).

 4 x Airius Model R20EC ‘Eyeball’ units.
 3 x Airius Q50 EC units.


Toowoomba Grammar Indoor Pool (QLD).

 16 x Airius Model 45 PS4 (Short) Air Pears.


The Orange Art Gallery (NSW).

 6 x Airius Pearl S1 Units.


Springfield Central State High School (QLD).

 12 x Airius R20 EC ‘Eyeball’ fans
 5 x Airius S1 Pearls and Ceiling kits

As you can see the applications for the Airius units are broad and offer numerous opportunities for your clients.

The images above are a small selection of the applications in which you can use the Airius Air Pear units.

If you need any help with the use or design of the Airius units or have a project that you think may suit one of the  many Airius solutions, just give us a call on +61 401 84 8888 or email us on [email protected].

As always, we read every email….


John Brodie, MSc (Sus Des) U Syd 
Managing Director, Airius Australia

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