The Case Against Air-Conditioning For Cooling…


The other day I was talking to a customer who said to me…

“We are thinking of air conditioning but we have concerns about the upfront costs…or the running costs are very high…do you think your product can help us?”

And here’s what I replied with…

Air conditioning can cost you up to 20 or even 30 times more than an Airius solution, especially in larger spaces. And sure, while we don’t supply refrigerated air, but ever since the Egyptian days… air movement has been used to cool people down.

It’s called evaporative cooling…

It’s simple. 25-30% of your body’s heat is removed via evaporative cooling. How it works is your body perspires to remove heat and that moisture evaporation is accelerated via air movement which causes a dramatic drop in temperature on the surface of the skin.

Scientifically, it has been shown with empirical research worldwide over the past 30 years that air movement of a certain speed in really hot conditions – will reduce your body’s temperature.

For example, on a 35-degree C day with 70% relative humidity, 3 Metres per second of air speed, will make the person feel like it’s 28 degrees C! This is according to Professor Richard Aynsley, (Former UNESCO Professor of Tropical Architecture and Director, The Australian Institute of Tropical Architecture, James Cook University of North Queensland,)

That’s a 7 degree C drop!

And the hotter you are, the more you perspire, so the more instant the temperature drop is when you stand in front of or beneath air movement.

So, if you’re standing in front of a fan, compared to standing in the shade like under a tree, there is a faster temperature drop or cooling effect… because the air movement is rapidly pulling the moisture off the skin and evaporating it, meaning you are cooling down much faster.

And that’s where the Air Pear fan is so effective.

But what’s the difference between an Air Pear and a normal fan?

While a normal fan can move air sideways off the blade, it can’t move air in a direction. Especially if there are thermal layers to push through. This is called ‘Stratification’. And every building has some amount of stratification. It’s just physics.

So as soon as you get above 3-5 metres, a normal fan, even a big one, has minimal to zero impact on the people on the ground. And we have a great smoke test on our web site which shows that. So what happens is that the air stratifies…

Check Out The Smoke Test Here…

The cold air cools, pushing the hot air up.

So if you have a fan, 4-5 metres high, the warm air can’t push down to the cooler air on the floor. So while the air on the floor might be cooler, it can still be very warm and uncomfortable, and you aren’t getting enough air speed to take the moisture off the skin.

A great example is…

If you go into a swimming pool and try to push an inflated beach ball to the bottom of the pool, it’s impossible because it’s always trying to bounce up again.

That’s like a ceiling fan trying to push warm air down to the floor.

An example of an Airius fan is going into the swimming pool with a medicine ball and letting it go. It goes straight to the bottom…

The shape of the air flow, the directionality and the force behind it pushes the air to the floor and punches through those thermal layers and creates air circulation across the skin of the building user at floor level resulting in accelerated cooling.

Are you interested in cooling a room, without the exorbitant costs of air-conditioning?

See Our Customers and Testimonials to find out how so many others are currently doing it!

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  • Geminair says:

    Interesting discussion. I think that you should write more on this topic, it might not be a taboo subject but generally, people are not enough to speak on such topics. Cheers

    • Airius says:

      Hi Geminair,
      Thanks for your comments. We certainly try to update or increase our articles as often as we can and we do enjoy talking about air movement for cooling and assisting or replacing air conditioning.
      Cheers john brodie

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