Cool Schools – Airflow for the future with Airius Fans

Cool Schools - Airflow for the future with Airius Fans

Save energy & improve comfort by simply moving air…with no exposed blades!

From private to public schools, primary schools to universities, implementing a cooling airflow system in sports halls and classrooms can greatly improve comfort without the need for air-conditioning. Airius specialise in air movement systems that provide precision air speeds for airflow cooling. Each model of high-quality, engineered Airius® air turbines with patented aerodynamic airflow delivery have distinct velocity profiles and thrust performance for every type of ceiling height and air speed requirements.

Airius Fans vs Exposed Blade Fans

Cooling Schools with Airius Fans

Image: Woodridge State High School Multi-Purpose Hall, QLD – G560 EC


Large, exposed blade HVLS, ceiling and pedestal type fan systems are prone to damage from wayward sports equipment and should be surrounded by cages, which often cost more than the fan unit itself. They also require lighting re-designs and ongoing maintenance which are costly and disruptive tasks.

Airius air movement systems have no visible moving parts to distract children while they learn or play sports and are easily mounted on ceilings or walls. Airius fans are also used to increase effectiveness of A/C, ensuring even temperatures across all types of learning spaces significantly improving energy efficiency, thermal comfort and student concentration.


Image: St Eugene’s College, QLD – Retail Series R20EC

Children Keeping Cool in a School Classroom with Airius Fans

The Airius Air Pear & Gem Series for High Volume Education Spaces

Benefits of Airius Fans in Schools

  • Proven low-cost sustainable cooling solution for school multi-purpose halls
  • Up to 35% reduction of heating and cooling energy costs
  • Combat stagnant, stale air and improve internal environment quality
  • Optimise comfort for students and staff without air conditioning
  • Maximise the efficiency of all types of HVAC systems
  • Simple, low noise, unobtrusive installation
  • Non turbulent air flow great for woodwork etc. teaching spaces
  • Broad range of architecturally unique fans
  • No lighting strobing or distracting exposed moving parts
  • Mitigate odours, viruses, bacteria, and VOCs with a PHI or NBPI cell in the fan
Immanuel College Keeping Cool with Airius Fans

Image: Immanuel College Chapel, QLD – Q50EC

Airius PureAir Series Neutralizing Viruses in Schools

With the addition of air purification through PHI or NPBI cells in Airius fans, you can have air movement and an air purification system all in one. Preventing the spread of illness including SARS COV2 (COVID19) and in turn keep attendance high by reducing illness absence, improving wellness and learning outcomes.

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    • Airius says:

      Thanks Tecnalco,

      We’re very proud of the support and savings our systems can provide schools, especially with regards to creating cleaner, safer environments for students and teachers in the current climate with our PureAir air and surface purification systems. If you have a school or project you feel may benefit with Airius systems please feel free to contact us on [email protected] or 1300 985 552.


      The Airius Team.

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