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Fans vs Air Conditioning

Significant Energy Savings With Hybrid Cooling 🌬️ Fans vs Air Conditioning❄️ You no longer have to choose your cooling side! The age old debate between fans and air conditioning has been ongoing for years. While both methods are effective and cool (literally), using them together can not only make a significant difference in your comfort, but also lead to substantial…

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BREAKING THE RULES: Revolutionising cooling for warehouses, sports halls and large spaces (PART THREE)

Welcome to PART THREE of our series on Warehouse Cooling. So far, in PART ONE, we’ve explored stratification and the challenges around cooling for warehouses and large spaces, and in PART TWO we unpacked the importance of prioritising cooling and the risks and rewards in doing so. In this instalment we are talking about the “HOW” of large space cooling…

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BREAKING THE RULES: Revolutionising cooling for warehouses, sports halls and large spaces (PART TWO)

In PART ONE of this series we unpacked some of the unique challenges of cooling large spaces and how destratification can make cooling warehouses, sports halls and other large spaces particularly difficult. In this instalment we will take a closer look at the main reasons why large facilities need to prioritise the implementation of effective cooling solutions as a matter…

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BREAKING THE RULES: Revolutionising cooling for warehouses, sports halls and large spaces (PART ONE)

Best warehouse cooling solution

Maintaining a comfortable and safe environment is crucial in large spaces and warehouses, where soaring temperatures can negatively impact productivity, wellbeing, and overall efficiency. In this four-part series we will unpack the challenges faced when looking at cooling in large spaces and warehouses, why it’s more important than ever to tackle these issues now in the face of rising temperatures,…

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What is the best warehouse heating solution?

Warehouses and factories are vast spaces that often struggle with temperature inconsistencies. With high ceilings and limited insulation, heat gets trapped at the ceiling level, leaving the lower areas cold and uncomfortable. This not only reduces employee productivity (particularly in the coldest months) but also increases energy costs as heating systems need to work harder to maintain a consistent temperature….

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Large indoor space? If you haven’t done this yet, you’re wasting money on your power bills.

As we come into winter, one of the largest expenses for many businesses will be the cost of heating. If you’re looking for ways to improve energy efficiency in your large indoor space, you might want to consider installing Airius destratification fans. These high performance commercial fans are designed to circulate air throughout a space, reducing temperature differences between the…

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How to reduce energy consumption in your business and access government funding.

Amidst the global climate crisis, there is an international agenda to prioritise sustainability and accelerate the sustainable transformation of built environments. In Australia, initiatives like investing in green buildings and prioritising sustainable design have become increasingly popular, with more organisations actively searching for and implementing solutions to reduce energy consumption in new and existing buildings. Upgrading HVAC systems and incorporating…

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This large-space airflow solution will keep your staff safe and save you thousands.

Without appropriate airflow or air conditioning, large indoor spaces like warehouses, factories and distilleries can be extremely hazardous for staff – especially during the warmer months of the year. At best, concentration is diminished, productivity declines and employee morale suffers. At worst, ineffective airflow may cause dangerous overheating in the human body – the effects of which can be fatal. …

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Is the Australian Sports Industry making energy-efficient cooling… cool?

Melbourne’s IKON Park recently reopened as the new home of the Carlton Blues AFLW, after a two-year redevelopment project to transform it into a world-class sporting facility.  Features of this new state-of-the-art venue include a high-performance space, cardio gym and aquatic recovery area. But one new addition in particular stands out: the incredible 50 x 25m indoor training centre.  Anyone…

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