How destratification fans could slash your heating costs this winter

Destratification fans save on heating costs and improve thermal comfort

Destratification is one of the most effective energy reduction strategies available on the market, offering significant savings on heating costs.

Yet the concept is still a relatively new one to many throughout Australia and New Zealand that spend a fortune on heating costs throughout the cooler months.

What is destratification?

Thermal stratification is a natural phenomenon that affects all buildings. Hot air is lighter and rises towards the ceiling. Cool air moves downwards to the floor. The result is a dramatic temperature difference between the floor and ceiling, with all that expensive heated air wasted at the top of the room where it’s no use.

Destratification is the process of circulating that warm air downwards and around the room, making your heating efforts more effective and saving you money on heating costs by reducing the operation time and workload required of HVAC systems significantly.

But won’t fans make it feel cooler?

Airius fans are not like others. While traditional fans use primitive blades to churn air, Airius destratification fans use our patented multi-vane stator technology to create a slow-moving column of air – which increases the distance the air travels and moves the warm air around without creating a cooling effect.


Our destratification fans have successfully been used to improve heat distribution in many building types around the world, including schools, halls, churches, sports & leisures centres, showrooms, entertainment venues, retail, warehouses, offices, hospitality / accommodation and more.

Installation is fast and simple, and the effects are immediately noticeable. Our premium components deliver unrivalled efficiency for very low energy requirement, meaning you get the added benefit of a reduced CO2 footprint.

There’s still time to install your Airius fans in time for this Winter season

Get in touch with us today and talk to an airflow expert about the best solution to reduce your heating costs this Winter and experience the Airius difference for yourself.

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  • Michael Hirst says:

    I’m enquiring as to whether your systems are effective in high church buildings and whether we can arrange for advice and quotations

    • Airius Asia Pacific says:

      Hi Mike, yes absolutely – we have several examples of our fans being used in high ceilings and churches. We would be happy to assist with any advice and quotation. 🙂

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