The Odd-Looking Device Woolworths, Qantas, Toyota, Lush & Coles Swear by.

Cuts Heating Bills by as Much as 60%, Cooling Costs by 20%, and Energy Costs by 200% Compared to Traditional Air-Conditioning.

By evenly distributing (destratifying) hot air (during the winter) and cold air (during the summer), Airius Air Pear Fans reduce your heating costs by 20% – 30% on average – although some clients like Lush Cosmetics have not only reported a 6% – 20% reduction in HVAC Cooling cost, but also…

A 60% Reduction in Heating Costs Due to The
Air Pear Patented Air Turbine Design

In summer, Airius Air Pears effectively move cool air around any room (you control the speed), quickly satisfying your thermostat. This turns your compressor off faster and for longer.

By eliminating hot and cold spots, clients have reported:

Massively Improved Workplace
Productivity and Satisfaction

Supermarkets and Car Dealerships (such as Coles and Toyota) love them, because greater comfort means customers stay for longer – which increases sales.
Warehouses (such as Lush and DHL) also use Air Pears to replace HVLS fans to reduce operating costs, maintain product integrity, eliminate strobing and increase comfort for their staff.
Schools (such as SCEGGS in Sydney) and Basketball Associations Nationwide have used Air Pear Fans to provide air movement for cooling in their large spaces, halls and classrooms, creating both a satisfactory study and sporting environment for students to enjoy.

Air Pear Fans help you optimize A/C systems by balancing room temperatures from floor to ceiling to achieve uniform levels of thermal comfort. The fans are extremely economical – using low energy motors (starting at just 10 watts), costing just $19 AUD per year to run; 24/7 and have been independently acoustically tested, to ensure noise levels are so low they meet the needs of applications such as offices, schools and even libraries.

Air Pear Fans boast a Market-Leading Rock-Solid Manufacturer’s Warranty of 5 years + a 5-year Refurbishment Program. Most importantly, there is absolutely no maintenance or service agreements required.

Download your free copy of ‘HVAC Energy Savings Summary’ CFD report that shows how Air Pears cool spaces by air movement.

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Our clients...

See what Lush Cosmetics have to say about Air Pears…

Airius Benefits

  • Arguably one of the simplest and easiest methodologies to save energy in buildings.
  • Improved internal environment has been proven to improve workplace productivity and increase sales in supermarkets etc. as customers stay longer and spend more.
  • Strong cooling summer air movement in a range of  non air conditioned facilities offers numerous benefits to the building owner  and user.
  • Between 6-20% reduction of cooling costs in HVAC Systems -see our Melbourne retail trial results and independent modelling research on our Technical Page.
  • Between 20% – 35% reduction of heating costs – where process heat is involved savings may well exceed 50%.
  • Between 20% – 35% reduction of carbon emissions.
  • Up to 35% reduction in overall facility energy costs.
  • Affordable ‘plug and go’ system.
  • No large exposed rotating blades causing light strobing or lighting  redesign issues.
  • Simple to install.
  • No three phase power requirements.
  • No structural impacts.
  • No maintenance contracts.
  • Increased lamp life due to reduced heat at lamp level.
  • Minimal maintenance and running cost (from $AUD 19 per year!)
  • Rapid ROI – average 12-24 months.
  • No HVAC ducting required.
  • Less fogging on cooler and freezer doors.
  • Condensation on indoor pool surfaces is removed.
  • Reduction in relative humidity.
  • Works alongside all types of HVAC systems.
  • Reduced wear and tear on existing HVAC equipment.

What They’re Saying

“The Air Pears are a cost effective solution, they are quiet and we can adjust the speed if and when required by using a speed controller. I would not hesitate in recommending Air Pears, they have solved our issues and are a cost effective solution.”

Shaun Davis - DirectorMB Refrigeration for Foodworks Myrtleford

“These things (Air Pear units) are simple to install and very economical to run, but above all they deliver results.”

Howard Gumbley - General ManagerHilton Brown Swimming

“We found the Air Pear units to be quiet, efficient and we noticed they moved the air around the space effortlessly and are very good at balancing the temperature in our large space.”

Graeme Dove - Dealer PrincipalKilmore Toyota