The Mercury Smart Controller is an IoT (Internet of Things) product designed and manufactured by Airius Fans for use with any EC fan. It allows users to control their fans remotely, through a Web, iPhone, or Android application. It replaces traditional wired controls like potentiometers with a WiFi-enabled solution, at the same time, adding monitoring and analytics to your installation so you can see the temperature, humidity, and energy use of your space.

The Mercury is intended to be a "plug and play" system - no BAS or control wiring is required for fully integrated fan control and monitoring. Simply plug in the fans and Mercury does the rest.

Technical Information

Mercury is a factory-installed speed control option for EC fans that operates over Wi-Fi to provide individual and zone control of any configuration of Airius fans. Initial setup of the Mercury system requires an Android or iOS device, but after fans are set up (“provisioned”) onto the network, the management console is accessible through the cloud via any device with a Web browser.


Frequently Asked Questions / Troubleshooting Guide

If you have any questions, complaints, suggestions, or need technical help related to the Mercury controller, please click here.

For general help with fans (not related to the Mercury controller), please click here.

Power Consumption

Idle About 16mA
TX/RX16mA About 200mA

WiFi Characteristics

TX Power 18 dBm @ 1 DSSS
RX Sensitivity -96 dBm @ 1 DSSS
Range About 100 meters

Sensor Accuracy

Temperature +/- 1F
Humidity +/- 1% RH
Tachometer +/- 3%


  • On-site provisioning. A simple provisioning process walks the user through connecting Airius fans to their existing WiFi network and configuration.
  • Individual device control from mobile app or computer. Users can turn individual fans on and off and control the speed of fans.
  • Individual device monitoring. Users can monitor the status of the fans, including whether the fans are turned on or off, the motor’s speed, and temperature and humidity at the fan device.
  • Group/zone control. Users can turn all the fans assigned to a particular zone on or off, and control the speed of all fans assigned to a particular zone.
  • Group/zone monitoring. Users can monitor average speed of all fans in a zone and calculate the Delta-T between floor and ceiling.
  • Users receive push notifications when errors occur, such as, when the fan tachometer does not match the expected tachometer reading for a specific setpoint, or the fan’s motor has exceeded manufacturer’s recommended runtime hours
  • Over-the-air updates. Fans can be updated for security and feature improvements while in the field without taking the fans down.
  • Enterprise-grade security. All connectivity performed through flashed-for-purpose Texas Instruments chip. All communication to and from the device is encrypted. This device does not introduce new IT attack vectors and works within your existing WiFi/Network infrastructure and firewalls to prevent intrusion. Compromise of any part of the Mercury system can only compromise the Mercury system (a successful hacker could change your fans’ speed, not read your emails)


Initial Installation and Provisioning Instructions

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