Airius Fans Save Workers from Toxic Truck Exhaust Fumes in Warehouse Loading Dock

Warehouse loading dock

An independent study has found destratification fans to be the optimal ventilation solution for reducing toxic exhaust fumes from semi-trailers reversing into a large warehouse loading dock.

Concerningly, it was also found that mechanical ventilation solution “deemed to satisfy” the Australian Standard, actually resulted in worse conditions than having no ventilation at all, because the CO was actually drawn into the building by way of the makeup air.

The report, prepared by Dr Colin Allison of Simultude Thermal Fluid Modelling, modelled CO concentrations for a loading dock facility where B-Double trucks would reverse down a ramp to an internal loading dock platform, generating dangerous levels of internal CO concentrations from exhaust fumes.

The modelling compared three scenarios:

  1. No ventilation
  2. A mechanical ventilation exhaust grille solution which is “deemed to satisfy” the Australian Standard; and
  3. A performance-based solution using Airius Air Pear destratification fans

The report found that whilst the first two scenarios would result in unsafe levels of CO in the air, the third solution using Airius destratification fans mounted almost horizontally were a highly effective ventilation solution.

CO concentration modelling in “deemed to satisfy” solution vs Airius fan solution

CO concentration modelling in “deemed to satisfy” solution vs Airius fan solution

The modelling showed the high-powered laminar airflow from the patented air turbines in Airius fans would effectively disperse the CO outwards to the street, resulting in very low CO concentrations inside the warehouse, offering the safest ventilation option.

As the pandemic accelerates an already fast-growing trend towards e-commerce, and the demand for larger warehouse space continues to soar, this is a critical finding for the health and safety of the increasing number of warehouse workers and truck drivers in Australia and globally.


About Dr Colin Allison

Dr Colin Allison is an expert in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). His company Simultude provides Thermal Fluid Modelling for testing ventilation solutions and is a recognised leader in the field.

About Airius

Airius Oceania Pty Ltd is the Australian distributor of patented high-performance Airius® fans, designed and manufactured in the US. All Airius fans feature a unique nozzle design and patented stator system to deliver a laminar non-turbulent column of air, making them far more effective than other large blade fans.

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