What is the best warehouse heating solution?

Warehouses and factories are vast spaces that often struggle with temperature inconsistencies. With high ceilings and limited insulation, heat gets trapped at the ceiling level, leaving the lower areas cold and uncomfortable. This not only reduces employee productivity (particularly in the coldest months) but also increases energy costs as heating systems need to work harder to maintain a consistent temperature….

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How does destratification save me money on my heating bill?

Destratification can save you money on heating bill

If you live in parts of Australia that have a significant heating component in your climate, heating bills can become expensive – especially if you have a larger space that you need to heat. Southern locations such as Melbourne (6-7 months heating cycle), Sydney (5-6 months), South Australia (7 months) and Tasmania (9-months) all experience a significant portion of the…

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How destratification fans could slash your heating costs this winter

Destratification fans save on heating costs and improve thermal comfort

Destratification is one of the most effective energy reduction strategies available on the market, offering significant savings on heating costs. Yet the concept is still a relatively new one to many throughout Australia and New Zealand that spend a fortune on heating costs throughout the cooler months. What is destratification? Thermal stratification is a natural phenomenon that affects all buildings….

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