Commercial fans can help combat rising electricity costs for businesses

It’s no secret that power prices are on the rise – in fact small business power prices are tipped to surge up to 13.5%, with new rates coming into effect from July 2022.

As if 2+ years of lockdowns, border closures, staff shortages, ongoing virus threats, raw material / food shortages and interest rate rises weren’t enough to deal with, businesses are now facing skyrocketing electricity prices due to surging coal & gas prices amid the war in Ukraine and global uncertainty.

For savvy business owners looking for ways to optimise and reduce costs, it’s worth understanding how Airius commercial fans could reduce your HVAC costs and save you hundreds, if not thousands, per year as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

How Can Commercial Fans Reduce Your Energy Spend?

Buildings naturally have a costly challenge in maintaining a comfortable thermal environment. Traditionally, air conditioning systems use heaters and chillers to raise or lower the air temperature, however hot air rises to the ceiling, while cool air sinks to the floor, creating a phenomenon known as “stratification”. On cold days, it means that all that warm conditioned air you’re paying a fortune for is rising straight to the ceiling, while your staff & customers shiver at floor level, forcing your HVAC system to work twice as hard to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Airius Commercial Fans are the world’s leading destratification fan. They are designed to strategically push warm air down to the floor where it is needed, slashing your HVAC costs by up to 50%! In Summer, the powerful air turbine and patented stator effectively move air around the space, creating an evaporative cooling effect with up to -7°C perceived temperature drop… meaning your A/C isn’t having to work as hard to keep everyone cool and happy.

Put simply: Airius Commercial Fans make your HVAC system more efficient, meaning they are costing you less to achieve the same indoor comfort for your business.

With affordable prices, simple installation, low maintenance and the highest quality parts ensuring a long life, Airius Commercial Fans are a worthwhile investment with relatively short payback periods (depending on your climate and energy costs).

Talk to an airflow expert today and see how much you could save on your power bills.

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