Warehouses and factories are vast spaces that often struggle with temperature inconsistencies. With high ceilings and limited insulation, heat gets trapped at the ceiling level, leaving the lower areas cold and uncomfortable.

This not only reduces employee productivity (particularly in the coldest months) but also increases energy costs as heating systems need to work harder to maintain a consistent temperature. However, there is a solution that can significantly enhance warehouse heating efficiency: Airius destratification fans.

Factory heating solution

Airius destratification fans offer an innovative solution to the heating challenges faced by warehouses and factories.

Airius destratification fans are specially designed, powerful fans that circulate and mix the air within a warehouse or factory space, effectively eliminating the temperature differentials between the floor and ceiling areas, optimising any existing warehouse heating systems and moving the heated air to the floor level where it is needed.

By redirecting hot air trapped at the ceiling down towards the floor, these fans create a more uniform temperature distribution throughout the entire space offering an effective heating solution along with massive savings on energy costs.

Destratification fans as a warehouse heating solution

“But won’t fans cool the air?” – A common misconception is that fans are only useful for cooling, and will be ineffective as an industrial heating solution. And for most fans, this is true – most ordinary industrial fans do not have the power or directional flow suitable for pushing the warm heated air from the ceiling to the floor level, meaning they simply move air around in a “chaotic” way.

However Airius destratification fans are specially designed to move the heated air in a directional laminar flow straight to the floor level where it is needed, meaning it is highly effective as a warehouse heater or factory heating solution, when coupled with an existing HVAC heating solution.

Take a look at how ArcelorMittal installed the Airius destratification system in their manufacturing plant in Mardyck, France, with an estimated energy saving of 26%. Following installation, they not only benefitted from an actual energy saving of 64%, but also significantly improved product quality resulting in additional savings.

Benefits of destratification fans for industrial heating

  1. Improved energy efficiency: By preventing hot air from accumulating at the ceiling, Airius fans facilitate better heat distribution. As a result, the heating system operates more efficiently, reducing overall energy consumption and cost.

  2. Enhanced comfort: Traditional heating systems often fail to provide consistent warmth throughout the warehouse. By equalising the temperature, Airius fans make the working environment more comfortable for employees, reducing complaints and improving productivity.

  3. Reduction in stratified air: With Airius fans in place, stratified air becomes a thing of the past. This means that there is no longer a need for dual temperature control systems, such as heated floors or localized radiant heaters, which can be expensive to install and maintain.

  4. Preservation of inventory: In warehouses that house temperature-sensitive products, maintaining a consistent temperature is crucial. By using Airius fans to circulate the air, hot and cold spots are minimized, protecting inventory from potential damage caused by fluctuating temperatures.

  5. Easy installation and low maintenance: Airius fans are straightforward to install, with plug-and-play options available. Once installed, they require minimal maintenance, ensuring that warehouse operations can continue uninterrupted.

Airius destratification fans are an ideal solution to heating challenges faced by warehouses and factories. By equalising the temperature distribution throughout the space, these fans improve energy efficiency, enhance employee comfort, preserve inventory, and reduce the need for additional costly heating systems.

With easy installation and low maintenance, incorporating Airius destratification fans into your warehouse heating strategy is an investment that pays off in increased productivity, cost savings, and overall energy efficiency. Don’t let temperature inconsistencies hamper your operations; talk to us today about integrating Airius fans and unlock the full potential of your warehouse heating system.

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